Adjusting An Item’s Map Location

Site Manager and Members are always asked of their location when they are adding a new item. The locations that they provide (composed of the street address, the city, state and country) are displayed in the directory front to serve as guide to the customers on where they can find the item that they are planning to buy. Usually, the location information is in the form of text like this listing example shown below:


For the items in Showcase level, there is another way of displaying the location information. This is by the use of a map. A map (like the one shown below) appears on the Detail View of an item.


Map locations are automatically set when the Site Manager or Members supply their location information. What’s amazing about this mapping system is that they determine almost any location with accuracy and speed. The eDirectory application also allows the Site Manager and Members to adjust the map locations and make them more accurate. This process of adjusting the map locations is called Map Tuning.

The map feature of the application is made possible by the Google Maps API.

To adjust a map of a posting, do the following:

  1. In the left navigation panel, click on any item type (Listings, Events, or Classifieds) under Modules. After doing this, a page will appear like the one shown below:


  2. Click on the map ­­ icon of the corresponding item. After doing this, a page will appear like the one shown below:


  3. To adjust the map zoom: Use the controls map1 and map2.
  4. To navigate on the map: Use the controls map3, map4map5 and map6.
  5. To adjust the location: Drag-and-Drop the marker map7.
  6. Click on the Save Map Tuning button.