New System Features – Summary

The following is the list of new system features available in version 7.5.00:

Quicklist renamed to Favorites

In the new version, Quicklist is now named as Favorites. (image shown here).

Username changed to email address

In the new version , the label " username" is changed to " email address "

More bookmark options

In this version of edirectory, the bookmark icons are displayed in a box when the user click the share link, making it more easier to use the feature. (image shown here).

Map pointer color changes as the theme changes

In the new version, the pointers for the map changes its color according to the theme selected.

Adding listing to the categories

In this new version, the listing search result problems are fixed. The sitemgr can now add up to 15 levels of category. The listings can have up to 25 categories.

Adding / Editing A Category


Listing templates are changed to Categories

The listing templates are replaced by categories and is now available on all modules. (image shown here).


Abreviations changed to full words

Unlike before, the abbreviations used in the results and detail pages are now changed to full words.
"p " is now " phone "
"f " is now " fax "

Optimized mapzoom

In this feature, if the sitemgr or sponsor use the zoom function in map tuning, the changes that the user will set will be saved and can be viewed in the detailed pages of the specific module.

Adjusting An Item’s Map Location


Location Section

In this new version, a Location Section was added in sitemgr. This can be found in settings > Location. In addition, the sitemgr can now choose which location levels to use , and be able to set the default location. (image shown here).

Categories now with page title

The new version utilizes the SEO feature for the categories by adding a page title and friendly url function. (image shown here).

Themes in Sponsor(member) area

The Sponsor area will follow the themes and colors of the site theme.


Email Notification made easy

Now the user can easily configure the email notifications by simply clicking the check icon to enable or disable the feature. (image shown here).


Invoice Notification added

The Invoice Notification was added on the email notifcation options. Simply go to settings > email notifications > invoice notifications to modify the default settings. (image shown here).

Modifying Your E-mail Notifications


Bulk Update

For each module, the bulk update option was added so it is easier for the site manager to update items for each module. Simply select the module and click the link bulk update. (image shown here).


Select featured categories

This new feature allows the sitemgr to enable featured categories on each module to appear in the front end of the site. Simply go to settings > featured categories to modify the default settings. (image shown here).