Backlink Builder

The eDirectory system allows you to build .html code for use on external sites for a link back to your eDirectory system. Backlinks are links on other sites which point back to your site.  This is important because major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! determine how useful or relevant your site is for search terms based mainly on how many other sites are linking to you for those terms.

The directory system allows you to create your own backlink code using .html, however, if you are not comfortable with .html you can use the Text area to have the .html code automatically created. The multi-lingual capabilities are available for the Backlinks feature, so you can have one unique backlink per language. This feature can be found in the Sitemgr -> Settings -> Backlinks.

In order to create a backlink please do the following:

Step 1. Type in the unique .html Code for the backlink and click Save, or if you are uncomfortable with HTML you can alternatively do the following:

1b. In the Text area, please type in the text that you would like to see for the Backlink. Click Generate HTML. In doing this the .html code will automatically appear in the HTML Code area. Click Save

Step 2. Copy and paste the code inside the HTML Code area onto an external site to link back to your eDirectory system.

SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM is a flexible, open source Customer Relationship Management system that helps companies manage their customer relationships across sales, marketing and service activities.  The eDirectory system has pre-built in the API for a seamless integration with the SugarCRM.  If you have a SugarCRM installation, you can bring in ‘Opportunities’ from the existing Opportunities Module. As you begin to build and create Opportunities inside SugarCRM you can bring those into the eDirectory system.

If you have an existing SugarCRM integration you will need the following information to verify the details and connect to your account:

  • SugarCRM URL
  • User Name
  • Password







Once you have added in your SugarCRM URL, User Name, and Password details please hit ‘Verify’. Once the details have been verified you will be prompted to download and grab the plug-in in an archive. Please be sure to follow your unique step by step instructions to finalize the configuration.

You can find out more information regarding SugarCRM at:

Click To Call and SMS Messaging System

The eDirectory system uses a Third Party API for the sending of the SMS Messages as well as the Click to Call feature. In order for these features to function the sitemgr must have a paid account through Twilio. With the Click to Call & Send to Phone feature your directory can send text messages to the users with the most relevant information relating to the listing including listing title, address and URL to the listing information on your director. Also, the users can contact directly the listing owners just clicking in the Click to Call button.

You can find out more information and register for a Twilio account at:

Once an account is setup, or if you have an existing account, you will need the following pieces of information to properly setup the Click to Call and SMS Messaging system:

  • Twilio Account SID
  • AuthTokin
  • Twilio Number

Once you have acquired the three required pieces of information you will need to input them into appropriate fields inside the Sitemgr -> Settings -> Click to Call & Send to Phone. It is important to select which options you would like available to end users, Click to Call / Send to Phone. The sitemgr also has the ability to configure their own ‘Click to Call’ Message. Once all the information has been properly configured please click ‘Submit’.











If you choose to enable create a Twilio account and enable these features then two small icons will appear on the business listing summary view and detail view (Diamond Level Only). The SMS Messaging system will be labeled as ‘Send to Phone’ and the Click to Call feature will be labeled as ‘Click to Call’:


Monthly Statistic Mailings

The eDirectory system is now deigned to automatically email Account Owners, with an active business listing, monthly statistical information regarding the activity on their listing. The email will be sent to the email address that is associated with the Account Owner who has the active listing. The email generation is based on the date in which the listing was added into the system and will be sent each month on that particular date. For example, if a listing is added into the directory on August 15 the first statistic mailing will occur on September 15.

The email will include the following statistical information:

  • Summary Page Views
  • Detail Page Views
  • Click-Thru
  • E-Mail
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Send to Phone (if enabled by the Sitemgr)
  • Click to Call (if enabled by the Sitemgr)


Each statistic is triggered by the following site visitor’s action:

  • Summary Page View – A visitor views a listing summary on a results page.
  • Detail Page View – A visitor clicks on the summary view and is taken to a listing detail page.
  • Click-Thru – A visitor clicks on the website URL
  • E-Mail – A visitor clicks the link to ‘Send an e-mail’
  • Phone – A visitor clicks the link to ‘View Phone’
  • Fax – A visitor clicks the link to ‘View Fax’
  • Send to Phone – A visitor clicks the ‘Send to Phone’ Icon
  • Click to Call – A visitor clicks the ‘Click to Call’ Icon

NOTE: If a listing has a detail page, the clicks will be tracked from the detail page as well.

When the system generates the email it will be sent to the email address that is registered for the Listings Account. The emial will look like:


Homepage Image Slider

Each theme within the directory has been built to include a Slider on the homepage of the directory. This slider is located at the top of the homepage of the directory, right under the Navigation. The slider includes a maximum of five slides and is under the control of the Sitemgr. This feature can be found in the Sitemgr -> Site Content -> Slider.

Once you have added images into your slider it will begin to resemble the following:

Please follow the instructions below to add content to your Homepage Image Slider:


Step 1. Please click on the Arrow relating to the Slide you wish to open.


Step 2. Once the Slide Option opens you will need to fill out the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary Description (250 Character Maximum)
  • Upload Image (440 x 248 px) in .jpg | .gif | .png format. Please not transparent .gif or .png not accepted.
  • URL Link
  • Alternative Text
  • Image Title


Step 3. Click Submit

Step 4. Please repeat the process to add multiple slides.