eDirectory ChangeLog

eDirectory 9.9.10 (Released 5th August 2013)

eDirectory Fixes (All Products)

  • “Page title” on check ins page changed from “Reviews of…” to “Check ins of…”
  • Fixed bug with searches by categories where pagination was being built even with no results
  • Fixed bug adding summary description with double quotes for all modules
  • Added validation to send email with reports of items only if there’s report information
  • Fixed bug on advertise process when adding double quotes to item’s title
  • Added validation to delete profile image after deleting an account
  • Fixed bug with url rewriting when friendly url contains the term “guide”
  • Fixed bug on categories selector when category name has double quotes
  • SEO information removed from Terms Of use (Inside the Sitemgr)
  • Fixed bug on Google maps for item’s title with double quotes
  • Fixed bug trying to delete records on site manager general search (invoice, custom invoice and transaction history)

eDirectory Changes (All Products)

  • Themes on members area are loaded according to the current selected domain instead of the domain from the URL
  • Button “View Category Path” removed from all forms (members, site manager and advertise)
  • Address format changed to US default format

eDirectory Features (All Products)

  • All popups were updated to use Fancybox 2
  • SEO improvements on search with pagination by adding tags rel=”next” / rel=”prev”
  • SEO improvements by adding “rel=nofollow” to all links to popups

Dining Guide Features

  • New gallery plugin applied to all modules detail pages
  • New header and advanced search style
  • Added filters on listing and deal results page
  • New results with tabs “List View” and “Map View” applied to listings and deals

Dining Guide Changes

  • Colors changed on page “All Locations”
  • Added pagination on page title on By Cuisine and Best Of to avoid duplicated content
  • Listings and Deals summary view changed to fit the new layout with filters on sidebar
  • New style for claim process

Dining Guide Fixes

  • Breadcrumb on page By Cuisine fixed after filtering by letters

Default Theme Fixes

  • Fixed bug with locations dropdown on advanced search after clicking on “Clear”
  • Fixed bug with SEO information for page “All Locations”
Real Estate Fixes
  • Fixed layout at Articles home page

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