eDirectory releases 7.5, .net version

Annandale, Virginia – June 30th, 2010 – Just two months after its’ most recent release, eDirectory, the Leading Online Directory Software Solution, will be releasing its’ newest version, 7.5 and a .net platform of the system along with it.

With one if it’s quickest back to back releases in company history, eDirectory 7.5 will showcase new blockbuster features such as the integrated blog tool, visitor registration and visitor profiles. While eDirectory can still be integrated with wordpress and other external blogging systems, the most recent version has added a fully integrated blog tool that has most features available in bloging platforms. Visitor can now register through the system and create user profiles to create a basic community for their sponsors and members.  Members and sponsors can add reviews and create users profiles, and sponsors can share their listings, articles and other elements through Facebook.

“7.5 is a significant release for eDirectory. The visitor profiles and blog feature will go a long way to engaging traffic and building a successful directory site.” says eDirectory CEO, James Chubb.

Uploading images into your content has become significantly easier as they can now be imported with a new tool on WYSIWYG editor.  Upload and create  thumbnails of those images and setting your main images are now tasks that can be completed in a centralized location where you add listings.. Restrictions on both listings and categories have also been lifted as now you can have an unlimited number of categories with listings, and categories with an unlimited amount of levels.

eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.

eDirectory releases .net version

Annandale, Virginia – June 11th, 2010 – After a year long initiative to open up its’ platform to cater to more development arenas, eDirectory has announced the release of it’s .net version of the software.

While the original version was developed in, and since refined in PHP, the staff has recognized the importance to create a version of the system that can cater to more developers who are accustomed to a Microsoft enivronment.

“While it hasn’t been extremely detrimental to the growth of the software, we realized that the PHP platform was restricting to those more comfortable with, or used to developing in a Microsoft environment. As a company with a diverse backgrounds in software development, we appreciate the value of a system that can appeal to more than one platform” says eDirectory CEO, James Chubb.

Because eDirectory’s base code team has been so aggressive in releasing new features in the PHP version of the software in both 7.4 and 7.5, the .Net version will be contain all of the features through version 7.3. The most notable features not available in the .net version are the series of new graphical templates released in 7.4, the visitor login and profile creation, as well as Site Manager interface upgrades, access to a few payment gateways and other minor changes. Because version 7.4 was launched a little over two months ago, the .Net version of the system (7.3) will be as high, if not higher than a majority of all users.

With significant interest generated in the first week of it’s release, the .net version is now available on eDirectory.com Any questions about the new version of the system can be directed to sales@edirectory.com
eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.