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We help you build powerful, beautifully designed directories

eDirectory is the leading software platform for publishing powerful directory-driven websites with ease.
In just a few clicks, a stunning, beautifully designed directory website can be online, ready to generate a recurring revenue stream for any business. eDirectory’s system includes a full-set of advanced features including: Lead Generation, Payment Processing, SEO Center, Site Management, Blogging, Email Hosting / Notifications, Native Mobile Applications, In-Depth Reporting, and so much more!

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What can eDirectory do for me?

The short answer is pretty much anything. We’ve been building directories for over a decade, so we’re pretty good at it. Our software is packed with features from top to bottom. If you need something, most likely we’ve already coded it and added it to the main release - have a look for yourself.

Mod Store

Pre-packaged modules to help you get more out of your directory. View the available mod packs and find what you'd like to add to your eDirectory.
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Being highly-parallelized, eDirectory can support multiple sites and installs. As standard, couple this with our multi-core administration, and it’s never been easier to administer multiple sites from a single interface.
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SEO Awesome

SEO Center is included with all installations, so right away, you’re ready to control your keywords, pitch your content, reach your social network and work on increasing your search traffic.
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Custom Style

More comfortable editing code yourself? We’ve got you covered. Use our built-in code editor, tweak your HTML, update your CSS, or add new pages fully customized. eDirectory is yours to do with as you please. We’re just providing the tools you need to do the job.
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When accessing the site from the desktop or a mobile device, users can expect a seamless experience on both. Fully responsive across the board, your users will always get an excepcional experience, regardless of which platform you use to access your site.
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Flexible License

We offer eDirectory as a Software, a Service (SaaS) and as an owned license. It’s up to you to decide on the best license we’re just giving your all the options. Check out the pricing page to see how it works. It’s pretty simple stuff.

Android App Builder

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No Code Knowledge Required

No developers, no code, no anything. Once your directory is setup, use the built-in Android app builder and get creating - eDirectory will take care of the rest. Need iOS app? Contact sales team for more information and quotes.

100% Native Apps

No frameworks, no phonegap, no cheating - every app you build is 100% native code, specifically designed to work with your eDirectory installation.


They’re not just apps. They’re little works of art featuring vibrant colors, stunning typography, and a UI-designed from the start to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

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