Webinar: Agency Services to Increase Revenue

Agency Services to Increase Revenue

When running a classifieds website or an online business directory, there are several types of services you could offer as a way to generate extra revenue. Acting like a small marketing agency or publisher, your sponsors could benefit from a professional take on areas they might be lacking, such as good photos, SEO, content creation, etc.

These are strategies especially important when you have just released your classifieds website, which can take some time to get traction and take off. These agency services are a very helpful way to generate revenue while building content and traffic.

If you are able to offer a good service experience, it is more likely that sponsors will stick to your online business directory. Be sure to know your clients and their pains, providing the solution for their business weaknesses.

And the easiest part is that you can bill these services directly inside the listing itself. Making it a smooth process with minimum friction.

In this webinar our CEO James Chubb shows how to offer agency services as a way to build additional revenue. He discusses different offerings, how to price them, and execute the services.

Agency Services to Increase Revenue

A few ideas of agency services

  • Website & Email hosting
  • Create newsletters for clients
  • Make videos and photos (food, real estate, cars, events)
  • SEO services
  • Manage paid ads such as Google ads and Facebook
  • Content writing for blogs

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This session was recorded on June 29th, 2022.

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