eDirectory releases version 8.0. Increases mobile profile

Annandale, Virginia – November 18th, 2010 – In their most paramount release since launching the product 7 years ago, eDirectory, the leading online directory software solution, has announced the release of Version 8.0. The most recently version will see a widely robust feature set that includes multi-site management, mobile check ins, a new Android app, package builder, deals engine, GEO IP and more.

Version 8 quickly addressed a long standing issue many directory site owners faced; Managing multiple domains with both ease and affordability.eDirectory’s new Multi-core feature will allow users to add domains on the fly, manage multiple sites within one Content Management System, and up-sell your advertisers for sponsorships across all of your sites. For example, when an advertiser goes to purchase a sponsorship on your Chicago Pizzeria directory, the site owner can present that advertiser with the opportunity to also advertise on their Chicago Nightlife directory at a discounted rated. Along those lines, version 8 also includes a Package Builder feature, giving site owners the ability to develop bundled or packaged sponsorships where advertisers can purchase a mix of listings, banners, events, classifieds or articles.

With the release of eDirectory for the iPhone nearly a year ago, there has been a significant investment in the company’s mobile development team, adding an Android app in the new version. Now coined ‘eDirectory mobile’ to house both brands, the organization’s mobile team is pushing to keep their Android app features at par with their more developed, longer standing iPhone App. The iPhone now has mobile check ins and reviews, which while currently not in the Android framework, will be expected to follow in the months to come.

Another significant addition to the features within the system is the Deals Engine. Previously referred to as “coupons” within the site manager, the revamped Deals Engine will allow listing owners to create a “deal” or limited time discount on their products or services, which can then be posted and claimed through Facebook.

“eDirectory v8 is a pivotal release, with the ability to run multiple sites under one CMS, up-sell advertisers, a new Android app platform, iPhone-Facebook check-ins, a revamped Deals Engine, and too many smaller improvements to name. Site owners using eDirectory v8 will quickly generate more page-views and revenue than ever before.” says eDirectory CEO, James Chubb.

Other features that round out the release include a WYSIWYG navbar and footer interface on the site manager, giving site owner’s the opportunity to change the elements in these areas, previously not available. GEO IP will pre-load the location of visitors who come to directory sites, adding personalization to the user experience.

eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.