eDirectory Version 10 released with Responsive Flat design

eDirectory version 10 has been released, and it’s our best work ever.

It has an all new, beautiful flat design on the front, with all new typography. It’s a responsive design, that resizes automatically for different screen sizes, and it is simply stunning on mobile devices.

However the best changes are under the hood, we redid the front end code from the ground up, based on the Bootstrap framework.

What this means for you? Custom designs can be done faster and easier.


New and Renewed Features

Version 10 also comes with improved  features that will change the user’s experience in your site.

Search Filters: The results pages now have a filter feature, allowing visitors to quickly narrow down to what they are looking for.

Events Calendar: A new events widget shows upcoming events for the week.

Listing Detail: Listing owners can display video description, Facebook fan page and the features for their businesses.

Deal Map View: Deals are easier to find with the new map view on deals detail page.

A bunch of smaller tweaks are included as well, including ability to change the top background imageFacebook like button on Home Pagenew fields for Contact Us and much more.

Check our demonstration site – www.demodirectory.com



The responsive version of eDirectory includes nice changes such as:

  • Email to friend removed from Default theme – replaced by Facebook like button;
  • Link “print” removed from detail pages;
  • Link “share” removed from summary and detail view (replaced by the main social media button, i.e: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest);
  • Search Engine verification section within site manager area updated;
  • Page “Map tuning” removed from site manager and members area (it can be done using the main form to add and edit items);
  • Site manager change themes interface: added a message asking if users want to create the categories automatically or not when Dining Guide is chosen for the first time;
  • Dining Guide: Label “Make a Reservation” changed for “Contact this listing” on listing detail view.


Download the Changelog – here

If you are interested in ordering the new version, or upgrading, contact our sales team at +1-800-630-4694 or sales@edirectory.com


28 thoughts on “eDirectory Version 10 released with Responsive Flat design

  1. WOW!!!





    • Hi Jason,
      Thanks for the feedback on the new version!
      The themes were removed because we plan on releasing new responsive themes.
      But for now you still have the option to change the default theme color or create a new one, just go to Settings (/sitemgr) > Themes > Color Option.

      • It will be nice if you can add video to the index page as well for advertisement sales or is it a customisation option

        • Hello Dapo,
          Thanks for you feedback.
          You’ll be happy to know that you can actually add videos to the Home Page and Advertisement’s page.
          It’s all possible within the Site Content > General > Home Page and Site Content > Advertisement > Advertise with Us.
          For any further clarification, reach us at +1-800-630-4694 or sales@edirectory.com.

  2. Great change on the front end & on the mobile devices.
    It will be nice to allow classified sponsors to mark items as sold &
    all to allow sponsors to sell tickets when they create events.
    E.g they can paste the code or link from a ticket site.

    • Hi Gary!
      That’s a very interesting ideia.
      I’ll pass it to our basecode team and we may release it in a next version.
      Thanks for the ideia and feedback.

  3. Great release! It would be nice if Dining Guide theme also has Events and Articles features, thanks!

  4. It looks great, but on mobile it is not possible to redeem a deal or have visitors login. Also the advertisments and the ‘signup to our newsletter’ are gone on mobile view.

    • Hello Hans!
      You are right. We had to adjust a few features on the responsive version that we are still working on to improve the user’s experience.
      Thanks for the feedback.

    • Are these features simply not going to be available at all, or is eD working on correcting this?

      • Hi Dennis,

        We are working on these features to release in a next version.


  5. hiya

    this is a nice update. would like more template options. v9 has a lot and v10 has 3. only 1 that most can use.

    the ability to hide/show articles/events for dinning guide will be good.

    • Hey Mike,

      We are working on new templates for the upcoming versions. And I’ll forward your suggestion “hide/show articles/events for Dining Guide” to our basecode team.
      We’ll keep you updated.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Very good news. I am at version 9 and need to update.

    Here is what I am looking for.
    Functionality to hide and show which boxes/modules are on the home page. Right now it is very busy and things are redundant.

    An Affiliate tracking system so I know where listing come from.

    More designs instead of three.

    Integration using API with email systems so that I do not have to export emails. Also, emails will inbox better if they send through api of vertical response or constant contact than smtp.

    Allow portrait photos as well. The site looks good but it is not always easy to get landscape photos. This causes too much cropping. Try it with a photo of people and you will see.

    Option so that when people go to my site, I can set it to default all listing to local based on ip or national. Right now it shows everyone. I am in SC and do not need to see a Burger King on NY…

    This will be a great help.

    Thanks many.

    • Good to hear your feedback and ideas Tanner.
      I’ll forward your suggestion to our basecode team.


    • Hello Tanner, i Have an affiliate system for the last 4 years integrated in the build, look them up and see which one will be a good fit for your need. they are not that expensive, beetween 200 to 600 depending on what fit best to your niche

    • I agree with Tanner and Daniel. An integrated Affiliate system will be very helpful for most eDirectory sites I have reviewed.

      I had it priced out one time and it wasn’t that much nor would it require much time. The reason I didn’t get it is because it would be a custom modification and then I would not get the awesome updates eDirectory has been cranking out.

      And if I did upgrade, I would have to have the Affiliate system rebuilt.

      Basecode team – please integrate an affiliate tracking system so that we can get people to help us promote our directory.

      Getting iDevAffiliate.com integrated should be fairly straight forward.

      Thank you


      • Hi Steve,

        An affiliate system would be a really handy for our eDirectory, we all agree.
        Our basecode team has been working on some ideas to implement such feature. We may have some good news soon.
        Thanks for the feedback.

        • Thank you for the update. I am looking forward to the next update as I’ve been hanging onto v9.8 waiting for the next version of v10 to come out with additional themes.

          Something that would help us all is being able to use other email service providers to send emails. As someone mentioned above, this will help us get better inbox rates.

          ArcaMailer is a start but it is much more expensive than other options.

          Looking forward to the update.


  7. Presales question

    Does this software run off a lisense that is called back to your servers. the reason i ask is, what if edirectory folds and closes shop. will our software still work?

    • Hey Willieb,

      With Owned license you can have the software installed wherever you want to and you also have a copy of the code.
      If you have any other questions, feel free to send an email to sales@edirectory.com or call us at 1-800-630-4694.


  8. My current edirectory platform has major challenges with canonicalization which refers to individual web pages that can be loaded from multiple URLs. This is a problem because when multiple pages have the same content but different URLs, links that are intended to go to the same page get split up among multiple URLs and is showing up as duplicate content in Google. Please let me know if you have addressed this with the current version. Thanks.

    • Jim,

      We don’t have anything new regarding this issue in the new version.
      Your comment was reported to our basecode team.


  9. great change .. the most part i liked is mobile responsive design, although it still need some work to fix few things like manage listing and map size, great work and great new editions.

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