eDirectory 13.4: quick release with several improvements

The new eDirectory 13.4 is out. This new version brings some important features for the admin dashboard such as a search bar allowing site owners to easily look for Support Articles. Also, there’s a revised the “Forgot Password” feature for site owners to operate independently of the system’s SMTP configuration.

For the Listings owners, it adds TikTok social network among the options for the Listing Detail Page.

Other improvements on eDirectory 13.4:

  • Updated eDirectory requirements to support up to PHP 7.4
  • Updated all pop-ups in the site manager and sponsors sections to adhere to a
    consistent style
  • Implemented enhancements to the profile section.
  • Modified validation on sponsor account editing to alert that the email field is not mandatory for accounts created via Facebook, Google, or Apple ID
  • Enhanced the notification message for email account creation via Facebook, Google, or Apple ID

Read the full list of enhancements of eDirectory v13.4 here.

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