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A little over 5 years ago I rented a small office, hired 2 young developers and opened for business. The idea was simple – software and services for digital media. Back in 2003 the dot com bubble had burst, but the Internet was still growing rapidly, and then as today, grand opportunities seemed abundant despite the economic uncertainty.

Fast forward to 2009- our company has grown quite a bit. We closed last year with 51 full-time employees in our two offices, and a wide range of customers from publicly traded media companies, to decades old (but surprisingly modern) family owned publishers, to the T-shirt guy in his home-office getting the next “it” site off the ground. eDirectory, our flagship product, is now used to power more than a thousand online directories, guides and yellow page websites. As print industry revenue is collapsing, publishers must remember they are in the media business and the demand for content is increasing with all the new outlets, not decreasing. For all-digital startups, this rapid change in landscape marks a unique opportunity.

During our year end review there was a constant standout– we need to share our knowledge to make our customers more successful. With this in mind we cornered off a small space on eDirectory to launch the eDirectory blog.

We intend to post one or two times a week with success stories, monetization strategies, product announcements, and maybe the occasionally anecdote to keep it engaging- I’ll try to push the one about getting robbed in Rio past editorial.

Stay tuned, and please post your comments – we intend for this to be a forum for your success online.

James Chubb

2 thoughts on “The eDirectory Blog is Live!

  1. Hi James, what happened to this great idea. We would love to see some posts from successful users or from edirectory about successful users. We feel like the “lone ranger” out here using edirectory as we are not able to share ideas, problems or successes with anyone. If you could start this up again that would be great! We would love to be able to share with other business owners using edirectory. Thanks so much! We love edirectory and just want to make it easier for us and any other users out there!

    • Sally,

      My name is Tom Kish and I am the new Marketing Manager here at eDirectory. I’ll be running the blog from here on out and I’m glad to hear that you want to further discuss our product and share some stories with other users. As of now, the blog is more of an area for us to make new announcements and provide some insights on how the industry is shaping up along with providing some tips and advice on how our customers can be successful. However, we are always happy to hear feedback from our customers, whether positive or negative, and welcome any such insight you could provide. Feel free to respond to any blog posts with your comments or send them directly to me at We are currently developing a customer feedback program to encourage customers to share some stories with us and others to help us learn/improve and also showcase some great success stories. I’m make sure to include you in this program in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!


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