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Building a directory with a modern design and full set of revenue generating features for your business has never been easier. Let our team show you how eDirectory can empower you with the tools you need to succeed.

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The short answer.... pretty much anything. We’ve been building directories for the last 8 years, we’re pretty good. Our software is packed with features from top to bottom. If you need something, most likely we’ve already coded it and added it to the main release - have a look for yourself.

Edirectory Features

Some customers we’ve been lucky to work with

eDirectory Client - EPA
eDirectory Client - Sacramento Kings
eDirectory Client - PMI
eDirectory Client - Yachting Pages
eDirectory Client - Discovery Communications
eDirectory Client - Active Interest Media
eDirectory Client - IT World Canada
eDirectory Client - Ocean City
eDirectory Client - iTravel
eDirectory Client - Local Cuisine
eDirectory Client - The American Ceramic Society

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