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Frequently Asked Questions

Some things get asked frequently, in fact. See if we have an answer for you here. If not, probably it's available elsewhere on the site. However, if you can't find the solutions to your problem, please get in touch with our great sales team.

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Yes. eDirectory’s system supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, German and Turkish.
eDirectory DOES NOT make any charges of payment, nor takes any percentage of payments that go through the system. Once you get started, we’ll help you tie your merchant account (bank account) into a payment gateway like or Paypal. This way, any payments processed through the eDirectory system go from the payment gateway directly into your merchant account.
The hosted license is a Saas Model (software as a service) and is 'rented' on a month-to-month basis. You have all the features that the owned license has. Unlike the Hosted License, the full license gives you complete access to the source code, with the exception of the license key, so that you can customize the site’s look and feel as well as the features and functionality. You receive free support and upgrades in the first 30 days from purchasing the license.
YES. While your eDirectory site will always be mobile-friendly and accessible on nearly every smartphone, the app builder is included in our Enterprise version, at no additional cost. All you need is an account in the App Stores. Keep in mind that all the data powered into our Android and iPhone apps come straight from the eDirectory database; so, when you make changes to the site, your apps will be updated, too!
YES. You can change the design using our widget-based page editor, also you can change the color palette of the site’s various backgrounds, navigation bar text, links, header and footer text, in addition to moving and changing navigation items in the navigation bar. This will allow you to take our existing templates and change the color schemes and overall layout. Moving large pieces of content and switching the location of various elements within the system, is only possible if you pay to have your site customized.
Yes, it is very easy in fact. We’ll just migrate your existing license onto a new server. If you’ve done any customizations with us, we’ll bring those over, too.
Yes, you can create pricing to support your country’s currency.
We’ve been making a great number of strides to make eDirectory always more SEO-friendly than it’s been in the past. You have the ability to control Page Titles, create unique pages for listings, update meta keywords and descriptions, submit sitemap, optimize the header/footer, category locations, as well as your listings, deals and events. We’ve made keywords, tags, and categories root elements behind each listing, event and article.
Throughout many sections of the software, we provide you with HTML editor, that allow you to build content in an interface very similar to Microsoft Word. From formatting text to inserting images or creating links, you have the ability, via the HTML editor, to put rich media into articles.
No. They just claim the deal and share it on Facebook or log into their eDirectory visitor profile account where they would then get the unique coupon code.

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