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Thank you for considering eDirectory as the solution provider for your directory site. Below are various Whitepapers, case studies and other documents for your convenience. Whether you’re thinking of developing your own directory, are currently using the eDirectory, or even using an alternative system, these resources can provide you with information from experts in the industry. If you have any further questions, please contact

10 Steps to Creating a Successful, Revenue-generating Online Directory

Whether you have recently purchased an eDirectory license or are thinking about creating an online directory, it’s very important to follow the suggested guidelines below when strategizing, launching, and marketing your site in the first year.

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Grow Your Directory Site’s Traffic with Curated Content

Content curation is one of the fastest ways to achieve growth in web traffic for publishing, directory, business and media sites. With the rise of social media and the growth of mobile devices, content can now be viewed and shared with ease much faster than ever before.

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How Inbound Marketing Can Grow Your Niche Business or Directory

Inbound marketing lets you appeal to the most qualified prospects for your business or niche industry by using highly targeted subject matter. We’ve broken down and provided tips for the 3 main ways to accomplish this using SEO, Content and Social Media.

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SEO Toolkit for Directory Sites

Most people understand the importance of increasing their SEO and that it can be crucial to growing their site and business, yet few actually know the steps and tools to go about doing it. Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry. We are here to help.

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Case Study: American Ceramic Society Increasing Member Engagement

After developing a directory run on a proprietary, in-house platform as well as on a competitor’s solution, the American Ceramic Society came to eDirectory to increase member engagement in their non-profit organization. Learn how they offered a more manageable solution for their staff, as well as a powerful marketing vehicle for their members.

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The Shift of Media and the Advertising Dollars with It

Learn how to best monetize your site and cash in on the advertising revenue that will soon be flooding to online publishers.

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Starting an Online Business – How to Position Yourself for Success

This Whitepaper helps to address the fundamental characteristics of many successful online businesses. Unfortunately, when you’re developing your site, cruise control isn’t an option. This whitepaper will cover what makes people successful when they’re starting a site and uses the example of three different websites that found success from following a few fundamental rules.

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Google Long Tail Online Directories Opportunity

Google’s Long Tail model revolutionized the way search traffic marketing, and more importantly, online advertising was understood. Learn how over 50% of Google’s revenue was made from ‘less is more’ and the opportunities it has created for niche, directory site owners. With the rapid shift of advertising dollars moving from print to online, these opportunities have increased exponentially. Web 2.0 guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, predicts will offer a "[A] trillion dollars in ad revenue that is going to leak down to all the hyper, local, super nichey-niche-niche opportunities".
Learn more about Google’s Long Tail and the trends it’s setting in the online world by downloading this free whitepaper.

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Marketing A Directory

This introductory document covers the best approach to developing your site. From a larger scale focus to tips on getting as much traffic possible to your site, this whitepaper will help get your directory business off the ground.

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Selling a Directory

As you’re about to read, directories often don’t sell themselves and the ones that enjoy the most success, are taking proactive measures to gain the business of advertisers. In “Selling A Directory”, we look at the best way to approach your sales efforts once your directory has been finished, as well as general guidelines on the best practices in advertising sales. This whitepaper serves as an excellent resource for someone with limited sales experience or staff.

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Online Directories: The Next Big Media Vehicle for Advertising Agencies?

This whitepaper analyzes the future of online directories in the advertising world. Because directories produce thousands of pages of unique content, they’re seeing more and more success with organic growth in search engines. With the development of local search as well as product and services directories, online directories could prove to be an extremely valuable place for agencies or businesses themselves to target their advertising efforts.

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Case Study

Take a look inside the development of Spearheaded by Gleames Creative Design, a web development and graphic company, Jennifer Gleason was able to help streamline OhioBridal’s web presence while simultaneously offering their vendors and industry partners with valuable resources to promote their business. A great read for any agency or web design shop, as well as someone who wants to understand how to bring their directory idea to life.

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Running a Sales Team

This introductory document covers the best way to approach developing your site. From a larger scale focus to tips on getting as much traffic possible to your site, this whitepaper will help get your directory business off the ground.

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