Meet the New eDirectory v13.5!

Meet the New eDirectory v13.5!

We are excited to announce the release of eDirectory v13.5, a major update packed with new features and game-changing membership options for our clients. This version brings significant improvements to our platform, making it more versatile and user-friendly. Let’s dive into the details of what’s new and what’s changed in this release.

What’s New

Combination of Modules and Levels Now Called Products

In this update, we’ve redefined the combination of modules (listings, events, classifieds, banners, and articles) and levels as “Products.” This change simplifies the way site owners can manage and offer these elements to their users, providing a more cohesive and streamlined experience.

Manage Levels & Pricing Updated to Products & Plans

The Admin section for managing levels and pricing has been fully revamped and is now called Products & Plans. This update includes:

Manage Products


  • Customizable Product Types: Site owners can create up to 10 types of products for listings, events, and classifieds.
  • Paywalled Content: Products can be defined to be available exclusively for subscribed members, enabling paywalled content.

Manage Plans


  • Unlimited Plan Creation: Site owners can create unlimited plans to advertise products on the website.
  • Free Trials: Plans can include a free trial option (available for Stripe only).
  • Flexible Pricing Models: Site owners can define up to two pricing models per plan with several renewal cycles, including weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and one-time payment.
  • Product Combinations: Plans can offer different combinations of products, including unlimited products and specific listing templates per plan.
  • Access to Paywalled Content: Plans can grant access to paywalled content.

Additional Settings & Payment Gateways

  • Simplified Interface: The interface for managing additional settings related to payment gateways, currency, tax, and more has been simplified.
  • Paywall Functionality: The paywall functionality can be enabled on the website.

Paywalled Blog Posts

Blog posts can now be set as paywalled individually when the Paywall feature is enabled, providing more flexibility in content monetization.

Promotion Codes for Specific Plans

Promotion codes can be created and made available for specific plans, offering more targeted promotional opportunities.

New Subscriptions Page

A new page called Subscriptions has been added under the Revenue Reports section, allowing site owners to manage subscribed members more effectively.

Redesigned Checkout Process

The checkout process has been completely redesigned and simplified into three steps: user identification, checkout form, and payment confirmation. Each step’s pages are available in the Page Editor for full customization.

Updated Email Notifications

Email notifications have been updated to reflect the new approach to subscriptions and plans. Renewal reminder emails now work with subscriptions instead of individual listings, and a new notification for member sign-ups has been included.

Enhanced Modules Preview

The modules preview on the site manager has been updated:

  • Status Change: The pop-up for changing status has been replaced by a dropdown, simplifying the process.
  • Plan and Category Listing: The plan assigned to the product and its categories are now listed.

Customizable Renewal Dates

The renewal date for products is inherited from the subscription to which they are assigned, but site owners can customize it individually if needed.

Activate Products Without Subscription

Site owners can now activate products and define a renewal date even if they are not assigned to a subscription.

New Widgets for Promoting Plans

Five new widgets have been added to the Page Editor to help promote plans:

  • Single Plan Card
  • Pricing & Plans Cards
  • Pricing & Plans Cards with Custom Description
  • Pricing & Plans Cards with Topics (Type 1)
  • Pricing & Plans Cards with Topics (Type 2)

Simplified Sponsor and Profile Sections

The Sponsors and Profile sections have been consolidated into a single section called Members. This change simplifies the user experience and streamlines site management.

Updated Members Dashboard

The Members dashboard has been updated with a new user flow for signing up for plans, managing subscriptions, and adding content, enhancing the overall user experience.

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What’s Changed

Plan-Based Product Charging

Site owners will no longer be able to charge for individual products. Instead, a plan should be created offering the product or a combination of products.

Popular Plans Configuration

Popular plans, previously known as levels, are now configured on a per-widget basis in the Page Editor, providing more customization options.

Category Pricing

Site owners will no longer be able to define prices for additional categories for listings. All listings can now have up to 20 categories without additional pricing.

Listing Template Pricing

Differentiated pricing for listing templates is no longer available, simplifying the pricing structure.

Discontinued Payment Gateways

Payments with 2CheckOut and PayFlow Link are no longer supported in this version.

Updated Approval Requirements

The approval requirements options in the General Settings section have been updated with new options to control how the status of products will be updated according to the subscription they belong to.

Simplified Email Configuration

The interface for configuring Administrator Email under the Email Sending configuration section has been simplified for easier management.

Removal of Feature Packages

Feature Packages, previously available under the Promotions & Packages section, are no longer available.

Removed Email Notifications

The following email notifications have been removed to streamline communication:

  • Visitor Account Create (site manager area)
  • Visitor Account Update
  • Account Activation
  • Listing Signup
  • Event Signup
  • Banner Signup
  • Classified Signup
  • Article Signup

Promotional Codes for Plans Only

Promotional codes are now applicable only to plan subscriptions and not individual products, aligning with the new subscription model.

Ready to start?

We believe these changes will greatly enhance the functionality and usability of eDirectory for both site owners and their members. Ready to experience the new eDirectory v13.5? Get a free guided demo at Current customers, upgrade now to unlock exciting new features!

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