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You’re not in business to be popular
Kirstie Alley, popular 1990’s actress

I thought about this quote and realized the irony of it given my role with Arca Solutions. I am responsible for educating our prospects and customer base on how they can increase search engine rankings and market their site. Specifically, I promote eDirectory and our Search Engine Optimization(SEO) service which are designed to make our customers’ sites popular. As most people know, the importance of high search engine rankings is key to getting the traffic that can turn into sales.

There has never been a more exciting time for people to run an online business whether they do this as a full time job or manage it on their spare time. Because the overhead is lower than having a brick and mortar shop, getting into the web space during down-economic times is a low risk thing to do. It still requires dedication and the use of all of the tactics that you would normally use to run an “offline” company. With all the software tools out there, however, a mere spark of an idea can turn into cash-flow reality in less than a year.

I look forward to writing about topics such as search engines, monetizing your site, increasing traffic and how to make your audience find you. After all, unlike Kirstie’s thinking, you ARE in business to be popular.

We are the Project Managers

Hi Everyone;

My name is Jessica. Just 2 years ago I started at eDirectory as a project manager and I am now currently one of several project managers we have in the office. The project managers here come from a diverse background in business administration, information technology, finance, and other industries which allow us to put a unique perspective on any project that comes to eDirectory.

Our daily focus is on the development, production,  and success of eDirectory sites for our wide variety of unique customers. Each phase includes time spent discussing the needs of the project with the customer to relaying those needs to the development team and producing a strong final product.

We will be posting on a variety of subjects which we touch on, on a daily basis:
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  • Website Design
  • Website Profitability
  • Website Management
  • Time Management
  • Selling your site

Postings will come out one to two times per week. Hope you check in frequently to see what is going on in the world of project management here at eDirectory.

Jessica and Project Management Team

The eDirectory Blog is Live!


A little over 5 years ago I rented a small office, hired 2 young developers and opened for business. The idea was simple – software and services for digital media. Back in 2003 the dot com bubble had burst, but the Internet was still growing rapidly, and then as today, grand opportunities seemed abundant despite the economic uncertainty.

Fast forward to 2009- our company has grown quite a bit. We closed last year with 51 full-time employees in our two offices, and a wide range of customers from publicly traded media companies, to decades old (but surprisingly modern) family owned publishers, to the T-shirt guy in his home-office getting the next “it” site off the ground. eDirectory, our flagship product, is now used to power more than a thousand online directories, guides and yellow page websites. As print industry revenue is collapsing, publishers must remember they are in the media business and the demand for content is increasing with all the new outlets, not decreasing. For all-digital startups, this rapid change in landscape marks a unique opportunity.

During our year end review there was a constant standout– we need to share our knowledge to make our customers more successful. With this in mind we cornered off a small space on eDirectory to launch the eDirectory blog.

We intend to post one or two times a week with success stories, monetization strategies, product announcements, and maybe the occasionally anecdote to keep it engaging- I’ll try to push the one about getting robbed in Rio past editorial.

Stay tuned, and please post your comments – we intend for this to be a forum for your success online.

James Chubb