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Yellow Pages

The multi-billion dollar yellow pages industry is moving online. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the action.

Yellow Pages Done Right

Price Listings By Category

Some categories are worth more than others. With eDirectory you can price your listings by category and never leave money on the table.

Ratings and Reviews

Users are no longer just looking for information about a business; they want to hear about customer experiences. The reviews feature enables customers to have this valuable content.

Traffic Reports

Show your sponsors ROI with traffic reports. Statistics on clicks, views, and even calls can be delivered to their inbox monthly.


eDirectory was designed to automate as much of the day-to-day activity of running a yellow pages site as possible, with features that include automated renewal reminders.

Revenue Generation Features

The sponsors section was designed to grow your revenue. Links to get more visibility, the ability to package offers across multiple sites, and an optimized checkout process, are a few of the many features that will make your business a success.

Easy Data Management

Easy import and bulk update features make data management a breeze. Change and optimize your taxonomy through a simple administrative interface.

Crush the competition with a Yellow Page solution built from eDirectory

With the market shift from print to online, eDirectory has what you need to win. Key features like click to call, coupons, lead generation, easy importing, and a back-end that automates the day-to-day work, eDirectory gives you an advantage. We take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on sales and marketing.

Yellow Page solution built from eDirectory
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