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Reviews Sites

Whether featuring cameras, industrial equipment, yachts, or anything, create a spectacular reviews site with eDirectory.

Create a Reviews Sites with eDirectory

Custom fields

Create custom fields to show deep information about products.

Photos and Video

Show the product, and create your own video product reviews with the photo gallery and video features.


Feature deals to show where to get the product and drive sales to your sponsors.

Data Import

Importing and updating data is easy with the web based importing system. Additionally, you can make bulk updates to existing data using the same system.


The easy to use review system allows visitors to add their own ratings, and you to moderate the content.

Visually Stunning

Photo Galleries and Video allow you to put products on a stage by creating detailed product videos, giving your site the content advantage.

The Best Platform for Product Directories

With a combination of features and design, there is no better system for creating an online product directory. The mobile apps allow users to take it on the go.

The Best Platform for Product Directories
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