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Development and Staging Site

Create some redundancy with a site you can use for testing and ideation

If you have a development team on hand, you'll definitely want a development and staging site to create a sandbox where you and your team can test new coding, play around with new ideas, and even pre-release updates to make sure everything runs smoothly before sending to your live site. You'll essentially have a duplicate site to ensure the finished product (whatever that may be) is quality-assured and battle-tested.

$97 (one-time payment) + $19/mo *


* Requires an active license/subscription
* It's a mirror of your existing site, not a new installation or a new license
* Mandatory to run on a subdomain of your existing license
* For Cloud Users the Development Area will be created in our shared servers with limited FTP access only
* If you have a Source License hosted on a Dedicated Server you can host it there with no additional monthly costs
* Monthly backups included when hosted with us * Does not apply to mobile apps

Need a dedicated server with full access? Check our plans here.

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