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eDirectory Developers

eDirectory is a product built (primarily) by developers, and therefore, it’s pretty developer-friendly. Here’s just a few of the more advanced options for those more code-inclined.

Development Made Easy

If you're purchasing the owned license, you’ll have complete access to the eDirectory source code from the beginning. This allows your developers to begin exploring and creating immediately. We’ve built eDirectory to be accessible and highly extensible: we have a complete API, a well-structured code, and the help to back up any code challenges that may arise.


Have developers, but no designers? We can help with that.

Pre-built Environments Ready to Go

The days of lengthy terminal commands, green text screens, and protracted setups/install times are long gone. Everything is ready to go within minutes. Deploy to any server nearby instantly with no crazy hardware setup, insane configuration, or hassle.

Purpose Built API

Furthermore, we have 2 purpose-built APIs: one for eDirectory data and one for the mobile applications, which makes exporting beautifully clean JSON at the click of a button. You can request pretty much whatever you like and use it anyway you wish. Want a second platform to sort through your eDirectory data? nNo problem. You can build one and hook it up. We won’t stop you; in fact, we’ll help you as much as we can. That’s what we are here for.

CRON (Command Run On Notice) Manager

This function allows you to easily manage all of your scheduling CRON tasks in one single CRON. With just a few clicks, you can call a single script from the server, which will in turn, take care of the entire scheduling operation.

Databases that Perform

Our databases are structured with MySQL using a combination of the MyISAM storage engine for heavy read optimisation coupled with InnoDB for write operations. We have a highly scalable, high performing database which ensures eDirectory always runs fast and queries are executed in as little time as possible. The only limit being the server spec that you’re running on.

Data Import & Export

Transferring from another platform couldn’t be easier. Open our importer, load the .CSV file, and let our software take care of the rest. Feel like leveraging your data for something else? Assuming you’re not going to use our API, you can do an export to .CSV right from within the admin area, or if you like, XLS.

Technology Stack

We roll with the best modern technology and frameworks to ensure the barrier for entry is as low as possible.

eDirectory Developer Resource - MYSQL
eDirectory Developer Resource - VAGRANT
eDirectory Developer Resource - BOOTSTRAP
eDirectory Developer Resource - SYMFONY
eDirectory Developer Resource - DOCTRINE
eDirectory Developer Resource - ELASTICSEARCH
eDirectory Developer Resource - PHP
eDirectory Developer Resource - SASS
eDirectory Developer Resource - HTML5
eDirectory Developer Resource - CSS3
eDirectory Developer Resource - COMPOSER
eDirectory Developer Resource - APACHE
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