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Enterprise Source License

The one-time payment option for the advanced technical user that gives site owners the power to take full control of their online business while also Self-Hosting the extensive Enterprise directory platform features like the Integrated App Builder, Open API, and the most powerful technology stack on the market!

eDirectory Enterprise Source License

Own an eDirectory Source License and host it yourself. You'll also have access to the PHP code for your owned directory with just a one-time payment!

Source License


/one time
  • Events / Classifieds / Deals / Articles / Banner Ads
  • Unbranded
  • Mobile Apps Included 1
  • PHP Code Included 2
  • Technical Support Not Included
  • (1) 30min Training Session
  • Self-host your Enterprise site within these requirements
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1 Due to the licensing and complexity around the technology that builds the mobile apps from the Site Manager interface, we are not able to offer source iOS or Android code. If you need to make iOS or Android code modifications that cannot be done using the Admin Interface, please contact our sales team to discuss alternatives.

2 The eDirectory Source License has a very small percentage of the code obfuscated to control licensing. However, these files are not in sections that would typically be edited while customizing a site.

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