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System Requirements

Here are the base system requirements to run eDirectory

eDirectory System Requirements

Everything you need to know to get your eDirectory system up and running in a blink.

eDirectory as a Service

We take care of everything in our enterprise grade hosting environment. Read more about our technology stack.

Source License

You can either host with us on our standard or a custom configuration, or do your own hosting. eDirectory will run on a large variety of server hosting provided the core system requirements as listed below are met. If you have questions, are interested in running the system on a platform outside the norm, or require an advanced hosting environment with load balancing and CDN, please contact our sales team to discuss further. Installation of the eDirectory software is included with purchase of the license. While eDirectory is not responsible for installing and configuring requirements on 3rd part, we offer additional services for full server setups, security hardening, and scalability. We don't support Windows system and local/client/desktop installations currently.

System requirements for v12:

Your eDirectory system is run within a Linux environment, and has the following basic system requirements:

  • Apache (2.2 or 2.4) with mod-rewrite enabled
  • PHP 7.1
  • Mysql 5.6 OR MariaDB 10.0.27
  • Elasticsearch 2.3.4
  • PHP standard libraries + additional libraries: mcrypt, gd, intl, mbstring, pdo, pdo_mysql, exif, apcu/apc
  • Ability to setup at least 11 cron jobs
  • OpenSSL
  • cURL enabled
  • SSH access
  • Your php.ini needs to have the date.timezone setting
  • PHP Safemode Disabled
  • Openbase_dir Disabled
  • JSON needs to be enabled
  • Library pcre-devel
  • Open_short_tag must be "ON"
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