eDirectory releases .net version

Annandale, Virginia – June 11th, 2010 – After a year long initiative to open up its’ platform to cater to more development arenas, eDirectory has announced the release of it’s .net version of the software.

While the original version was developed in, and since refined in PHP, the staff has recognized the importance to create a version of the system that can cater to more developers who are accustomed to a Microsoft enivronment.

“While it hasn’t been extremely detrimental to the growth of the software, we realized that the PHP platform was restricting to those more comfortable with, or used to developing in a Microsoft environment. As a company with a diverse backgrounds in software development, we appreciate the value of a system that can appeal to more than one platform” says eDirectory CEO, James Chubb.

Because eDirectory’s base code team has been so aggressive in releasing new features in the PHP version of the software in both 7.4 and 7.5, the .Net version will be contain all of the features through version 7.3. The most notable features not available in the .net version are the series of new graphical templates released in 7.4, the visitor login and profile creation, as well as Site Manager interface upgrades, access to a few payment gateways and other minor changes. Because version 7.4 was launched a little over two months ago, the .Net version of the system (7.3) will be as high, if not higher than a majority of all users.

With significant interest generated in the first week of it’s release, the .net version is now available on eDirectory.com Any questions about the new version of the system can be directed to sales@edirectory.com
eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.

eDirectory CEO James Chubb to Speak at GEODOMAIN EXPO in New Orleans

Annandale, Virginia – April 12th, 2010 – James Chubb is scheduled to speak on the local directories panel about strategies to capitalize on Local Search at the GeoDomain Expo April 28th – April 30th, 2010.

Associated Cities, who hosts the show, has selected New Orleans as its location after the show’s success in San Diego last year. GEODOMAIN EXPO 2010 will coincide with the 40th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. eDirectory, the market’s leading solution for developing local search sites, will also be exhibiting its latest software release and new iPhone application.

“The Associated Cities show is a great place to get the pulse of the industry.” said James Chubb, “With so many new ideas emerging, I expect this show to be a focal point for companies seeking to capitalize on local search for many years to come.” he added.

The show provides the opportunity for industry leaders to share best practices, learn about new trends, meet vendors in the business and network with those who have a stake in local and geo search. The two day show will include speakers and panels related to the business of operating sites, as well as social and networking events, a trade show and opportunities to purchase and invest in geodomain properties.

eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.

Where have all the advertising dollars gone?

A few days ago, I was reading a pretty interesting article about the circulation, and ad revenue for the New York Times.  Granted, the article was a few years old, but what it showed was that those who read The New York Times print issue only comprises 10% of their total audience.  Not a huge surprise considering the drastic shift of media from print to online, but things get more interesting …

While 90% of their audience is reading the New York Times online, NYtimes.com advertisers only contributes to 10% of their total revenue.


Nearly perfectly inverse economics.  So the medium in which only 10% of their audience is using to access their content generates 90% of their revenue?  So Print isn’t dying?!?!?!?  Well… not so fast.

While the preferred method of accessing the content is clearly online, the advertising dollars are slow to follow.  This means that there’s a gaping hole of opportunity to hop on all of the advertising revenue that will trickle from print to online.  If the shift in ad dollars is anything as drastic as it was for the shift in media itself, it will be more like a flood, not so much a trickle.

One more thing to note:  According to Forbes Magazine — 65 Billion Dollars will be shifting from print to online this year.  65 Billion dollars…

eDirectory Releases Version 7.4

Annandale, Virginia – March 25rd, 2010 - In one of the most anticipated released in past years, Arca Solutions, the developers of eDirectory ,will unleash version 7.4 this Wednesday, March 24th, and will provide its’ users a slew of rich features based on feedback from our clients over the past several months.

eDirectory version 7.4 will provider its’ iPhone app users with a multi-language platform, as well as the ability to handle ratings.  Perhaps one of the most notable additions will be a graphical library of 14 new graphical themes to better suit the theme of your online directory including those designed for online magazine publications, medical, law and hotel directories as well as online buyers’ guides.  With a new Site Manager (SiteMGR) interface, users will also be able to choose payment gateways, search by promotional code on transaction searches, and much more.

Other features to note are the ability to maintenance mode, as well as new search query options on both the eDirectory results’ page and transaction searches and newly integrated username real time validation on add account forms.

eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area

eDirectory 7.3 Launches

eDirectory has recently launched version 7.3, and with it come a variety of new interface features based on the feedback by our customers.

The most notable aspect of eDirectory’s release is the iPhone application, and the ability for site owners to now publish their site to over 23 million iPhone users.  Another source of search traffic and advertising revenue, coupled with Apple recently capturing their 1 billionth app download makes this feature most appealing to customers, and prospective customers alike.

In an effort to expand site owner’s demographic reach, all sites can now be translated into both Italian and German.While users only saw five levels, or subcategories deep on listings in the system before, they now have this same level of depth in both the events and classifieds section, giving users an arena for more organized and targeted echelon of content.  Other notable interface changes include a preview button for each listing template, as well as a new HTML editor with more robust features.  On the advertising end of the sitemanager system,  owners cna set up global banners, throughout the entire site and aren’t limited to posting them section by section.  Additionally, Ad Sense settings now give users the ability to choose whether users ads are only text, only video, or a random selection of both.

Finally, more minor and subtle features include verification pop ups when edits are made on the back end of the system to prevent erroneous corrections , as well as the ability to modify the layout or appearance of invoices sent through the system.

Technology doesn’t care about us

“There is a trillion, not a billion, a trillion dollars in ad revenue that is going to leak down to all the hyper,local super nichey-niche-niche opportunities.”

For a little over a year, I had the opportunity to work for an Online B2B Publishing company. One of the most significant things I took away from my time there was the ongoing battle of print vs online media. Now to be fair, it’s not so much a battle as much as a transition at this point.  If you haven’t read some of the whitepapers in the resources sections such as “Selling a Directory” and  “Online Directories:  The Next Big Media Vehicle for Advertising Agencies,” both address the print and online media battle, but nothing quite as blunt, direct, but insightful as Gary Varnerchuk did in this video:

$70,000 blogging and reviewing 6 blocks worth of street food?  I briefly discussed the importance and value of developing an online directory with a niche focus, but midtownlunch.com has taken this to a whole new level.  As great as it was to hear about the success Zach Brooks has had with a directory-esque site such as this, Gary brings great insight into the opportunities that are arising, and will arise in online media with the departure of print publications.  If you’re interested in further discussing this, or other ideas you may have for a similar directory, don’t hesitate to call me.

eDirectory to Attend SMX East

Annandale, Virginia – September 30th, 2009 - eDirectory, the online directory software solution, will be both exhibiting their products and services, as well as giving a theater presentation at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East in New York City on October 5th & 6th.

SMX, the search engine conference from Third Door Media, covers topics around search marketing such as SEO, paid search advertising, local & mobile search, social media and more. With a platform designed to maximize advertising revenue, coupled with new features that help drive search traffic to its users directories, eDirectory will exhibiting their newest version, 7.0.15.

In addition to their presence on the show floor, eDirectory, among several other companies such as Bing, will be making a theater presentation On Tuesday, October 5th at 12:20PM EST. The presentation, entitled “Implementing an Online Directory: Strategies for Increasing Search Traffic” will be presented by eDirectory CEO, James Chubb.

“We are very excited to be a part of the SMX Expo, ” said James Chubb, “It’s a must attend event for internet marketing professionals, and we look forward to sharing traffic building strategies and customer success stories,” he added.

eDirectory will be promoting its most recent release which includes social media integration, advanced search features, and integration with Amazon Simple Pay. To learn more about eDirectory, go to eDirectory.com or visit us at booth #328 at SMX East, October 5th and 6th.

eDirectory is a division of Arca Solutions, Inc, a digital media company headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.

eDirectory at SMX East

eDirectory will be attending Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East on October 5th & 6th.  In addition to exhibiting alongside of companies like Bing, at&t, iContact and others, eDirectory will be giving a theater presentation on Tuesday, October 6th.  The session, entitled “Implementing an Online Directory: Strategies for Increasing Search Traffic,” will be presented by eDirectory’s CEO, James Chubb.   If you’re attending the show, be sure to visit us at booth #328 to learn more about our products and services.

eDirectory 7.0.15 now Live

The latest version of the leading online directory software solution is now live.  From improved site manager features to expanded social bookmarking settings, eDirectory’s latest version reflects feedback from our clients over the last several months.  Here is a list of the more notable changes:
[custom_list style="list-9"]

  • New Social Bookmarking - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • New Browse by Location layout: clean and organized.
  • Advanced Search box can be closed
  • The user can choose to show or hide the map on the results pages.
  • The site manager can enable/disable the google maps feature.
  • A color selector was added in the listing templates section, so now the site manager can choose the colors easily.
  • The site manager can choose the listing levels that will have promotions.
  • The site manager can refresh the Statistic Reports at any time.
  • eDirectory now works with Amazon Simple Pay payment gateway. This new gateway works with Amazon Simple Pay Standard and Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions (the recurring can be monthly or yearly).
  • The charset was changed from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8.


PS.: If you’re a current client and have some suggestions on features we should include in our next release, I’d love to hear from you.  Please email me at  jared . elder @ edirectory . com

Visit eDirectory at SES San Jose, California Aug 11th & 12th

If you are on the west coast, come visit us at Search Engine Stratagies Expo in San Jose.    The eDirectory booth is #422.   Passes to the exhibition hall are free if ordered in advance, and just $50 at the door.   The conference program should be good as well.   If you are interested in signing up for the full conference, contact Owen Zhu at owen . zhu @eDirectory dot com to get the eDirectory discount on registration.  Also send Owen a note if you would like to set a time to discuss a project with a project manager.

We look forward to meeting you in person!