Webinar: How to Populate Your Online Directory

how to populate your online directory - edirectoryOne of the most common questions for new and existing directories is how to populate your online directory. Since high-quality content is the most valuable asset of directory-based websites, having an up-to-date database is key to driving more traffic to your website.

It is your data (as content) that will attract people to your website more than any other part, whether it is technology, hosting or features. Look for data in your niche that is hard to find or that is too complex, so you can simplify it and make it easier for your audience to understand. Curation is key for this stage.

Remember: focus on both the breadth and depth of your information, creating goals for the number of listings you want to achieve as well as for the quality of those listings.

In this Webinar with our CEO James Chubb, learn more about how to populate your online directory with good and quality curated data, software for data scraping, list brokers, and best practices on listing management.

How to Populate Your Online Directory

This session took place on July, 13th 2022.

  • * We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to the tools and sites mentioned in this article.
  • * Before using Octoparse, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully. Do not use it to scrape data from social media and password-protected websites.

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Webinar: Agency Services to Increase Revenue

Agency Services to Increase Revenue

When running a classifieds website or an online business directory, there are several types of services you could offer as a way to generate extra revenue. Acting like a small marketing agency or publisher, your sponsors could benefit from a professional take on areas they might be lacking, such as good photos, SEO, content creation, etc.

These are strategies especially important when you have just released your classifieds website, which can take some time to get traction and take off. These agency services are a very helpful way to generate revenue while building content and traffic.

If you are able to offer a good service experience, it is more likely that sponsors will stick to your online business directory. Be sure to know your clients and their pains, providing the solution for their business weaknesses.

And the easiest part is that you can bill these services directly inside the listing itself. Making it a smooth process with minimum friction.

In this webinar our CEO James Chubb shows how to offer agency services as a way to build additional revenue. He discusses different offerings, how to price them, and execute the services.

Agency Services to Increase Revenue

A few ideas of agency services

  • Website & Email hosting
  • Create newsletters for clients
  • Make videos and photos (food, real estate, cars, events)
  • SEO services
  • Manage paid ads such as Google ads and Facebook
  • Content writing for blogs

Useful links and tools mentioned in the webinar:

*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to the tools and sites mentioned in the webinar.

This session was recorded on June 29th, 2022.

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How to create an event guide in 2022

How to create a professional event guide

To create an event guide, it is essential to map all the relevant information about an event so that your website can be a bridge of access between the producers and the users/visitors of the events.

An Events Guide is extremely relevant to the current post-pandemic context.

The global health crisis significantly affected the event segment, and many believed that it would not be able to sustain itself. However, as in many other segments, event organizers had to rethink how they offer their services and transform the business into something more suited to the modern world.

Currently, forecasts for this segment are very satisfactory and promising, as pointed out by a report by Statista, which indicates that the event ticket sales niche is projected to reach US$72.31 billion in 2022. The report further showed that the event ticket sales segment is expected to deliver revenue growth of 14.4% in 2023.

Thus, investing in this segment can be a very profitable and sustainable way to develop an online business.

Read on and learn how to create and monetize a professional and efficient event guide!

What is an event guide?

As the name suggests, an event guide is a platform developed to create interactions between organizers and visitors/users by promoting events in different niches and segments.

An event guide works as an exhibition showcase, where organizers and advertisers can offer their events more comprehensively, reaching a large number of interested consumers.

An event website simplifies the process of purchasing tickets, registering, and accessing events.

This business is an excellent way to monetize online, as it offers many opportunities and formats to grow steadily in your niche.

What are the possible niches for an event guide?

Creating an event guide gives you the opportunity to monetize different niche activities with many different services.

You can create an event guide focusing on just one niche or one that covers several segments. Either option offers benefits to the website’s creator as well as event organizers.

If you have a niche event website, you will be able to target a specific segment and become a leader in this market.

As you are targeting multiple niches, you will be able to reach a larger audience and promote a wider range of events.

  • Some niches to explore are:
  • Music, festivals, and entertainment;
  • Religious events;
  • Regional and agricultural fairs;
  • Sporting and fitness events;
  • Gastronomic events;
  • Technology events;
  • Professional and work-related events, etc.

How to create an event guide professionally

Creating a professional event guide is easy if you have the right tools. eDirectory is specialized software for creating classifieds websites, business directories, and of course, event guides.

To create your event guide using eDirectory, you need to follow a few simple steps. See below!

1. Choose the niche that fits your strategy

A niche is the starting point for all classified websites, including event guides, as it is through choosing a niche that you can begin to develop your marketing and monetization strategies.

Create an Event Guide - Category events

If you already have an online presence for your business, such as a website, social networks, or a blog with an established theme, take advantage of the identity in your event guide. If you haven’t defined your niche yet, consider choosing a subject that you have an affinity for or are interested in exploring. Believe me, this identification will make your work to populate your site with new events much more pleasant and fluid.

Bet on specific niches because, despite having a smaller audience, the tendency is for this audience to be more engaged with events of their interest. If you go for a bigger niche, try to target your reach to your region or city, and gradually expand the reach of your event guide as demand from advertisers grows.

2. Sign up for eDirectory to start your project

Creating an event guide from scratch is no simple task, and if you want to opt for WordPress events themes, for example, you will end up realizing that the offer of plugins is, at the same time, wide in quantity and limited in quality.

As it is a free platform, we are given the perception that is possible to build a robust and functional website, which will expand over the years at zero cost. This perception is far from being accurate, as you still must include domain purchasing and hosting expenses in your planning, in addition to themes and plugins that are usually paid on a recurring basis (monthly or yearly).

With a platform designed to create classifieds websites and events guides such as eDirectory, you have a ready-to-use solution at an affordable price with plans that include hosting and unlimited listings. In addition, eDirectory is a scalable and robust solution that will grow with your business.

Create an Event Guide - tier subscription plans

Have access to an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, complete control panel to add and edit new events, moderate reviews, add add-ons, descriptions, your advertisers can add external links such as websites and social networks, security certificate included, and many more features.

After the initial setup with eDirectory, you can now choose which payment methods your advertisers can choose when paying for plans and ads.

3. Define payment methods

Creating a simple, low-friction checkout experience is essential for an effective monetization strategy. Making it easy for your customers to pay for monthly subscriptions and other additional services is important for your event guide to generate recurring revenue.

eDirectory comes with support for the largest digital payment methods on the market, such as Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. On top of that, you can enable recurring payments with the click of a button. To set up one or more payment methods, access the control panel and select the Payment Methods option:

Create an Event Guide - Payment Gateways

4. Manage features and pricing for each level

Next, you must define what will be the values and resources available at each subscription level of your event guide. With the eDirectory control panel, you give your advertisers power over every function of the event guide, from the most basic functions like email, phone, and description settings, to advanced options like including youtube videos, Facebook pages, and including a URL to another site.

Create an Event Guide - Level and pricing plans

If you still don’t know where to start, we suggest having a free basic plan so that your advertisers can familiarize themselves with your events guide and, from there, learn about the advantages of the other plans and move on to an event subscription.

Just remember to save the most important features for your most important plan so advertisers will want to sign up.

Need to change some option or value for one of the plans, just go back to the payment options and adjust your membership level offers whenever you need to as your business grows.

Whatever is your business plan to create your event guide, eDirectory delivers the tools so you don’t miss any opportunities.

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5. Create categories and subcategories for your event guide

One of the most powerful features of an online event guide or an online business directory is its categories and subcategories. Essential for the organization and sectorization of a website and for indexing and ranking in search engines (SEO).

Inside eDirectory, you, as the event guide manager, define how many categories your site will have, being able to expand according to the needs of your niche. Aggregate subcategories to segment your event guide and allow your advertisers to find the option that best fits their events.

Create an Event Guide - categories and subcategories

6. Create a new event

And finally, the most important part: how to create an event. Through the control panel, advertisers can easily create and edit events within minutes.

Set event name, date, location, add photos and videos, opening hours, links to external websites (purchase tickets), map, social media feed (Facebook and Twitter), and more.

Create an Event Guide - Event creation overview

Advertisers have control over SEO settings such as description, title, and keywords. With eDirectory it is also possible to obtain reports on leads and the performance of each event created, making it easier for advertisers to analyze information.

Next, we’ll show you how to monetize your event guide.

How to monetize your event guide?

You can monetize your event guide with eDirectory in a variety of ways, ensuring a recurring source of earnings. Check out how to do this:

  • Creating plans for your events: You can create up to three subscription plans (basic, intermediate, and premium, for example) and offer users various options and price ranges.
  • Banners and classifieds: another form of monetization is to sell advertising spaces with banners so that advertisers can advertise.
  • Offer additional services: by creating an event guide, you can also offer additional services such as design, video, and digital marketing. The classifieds section can be used to advertise event-related products such as musical instruments, accessories, etc.

Benefits of eDirectory for creating an event guide

You may have already realized that creating an event guide can be very beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to build a profitable online business.

By using eDirectory you create your website with several useful tools for advertisers and users, such as:

a. Recurring events – create and display

The advertiser will have access to the recurring event’s configuration, where they can create a list of events that occur frequently, for example, annual, monthly, biweekly, or weekly.

b. Monetization from free to premium events

As mentioned before, you will be able to create plans for your events, thus establishing various monetization possibilities.

It is possible to create from free events to premium events. In addition, you can also monetize classifieds and more with eDirectory.

c. Widgets for displaying events (featured/recurring)

Use widgets to highlight your events and reach more users and visitors. This is a great way to create relevant content and keep your users engaged on your page.

d. Multiple categories

eDirectory also allows you to position your event in multiple categories, which greatly increases the likelihood of your event being found in searches by your site’s users. Advertisers see this option as a big differentiator, which certainly makes their event guide more competitive.

Wrapping up

See how an event guide can be beneficial if you want to build a profitable online business? Now you know the best tool to make you achieve the success you want.

Ready to create an event guide professionally and efficiently? So, don’t hesitate to test out eDirectory in a free guided demo right now to get the best and richest experience in creating event guides and classified portals.

Edirectory Free guided demo

Newsletter Ideas to Grow your Traffic

Newsletter Ideas to Grow your TrafficIt is true there are other ways to engage with your audience, but when it comes to getting closer to them, e-mail marketing is still king. Having direct access to your intended audience’s inbox is a great advantage you do not have with social media, live chats, blogs, and other methods of communication.

Successful email marketing campaigns can bring an ROI of $38 per dollar spent, making it an essential technique for any online business. But to start your first newsletter campaign on the right foot, you must understand the principles of a good email marketing strategy. Remember to put your customer and their needs first, then they will reward you with being loyal. Try to work with these three key pillars of customer experience marketing in mind:

  1. Is your message helpful for the customer?
  2. Is your message customer-centric?
  3. Is your message personal?

The key is to send the right message, to the right person at the right time. Not that this is easy, not at all, but with a good amount of testing and refining, you’ll start to understand your audience and get better engagement.

In this week’s webinar, we covered the main points from the technical aspects of creating your first email campaign, as well as segmentation, monetization, and strategies for both sponsors and visitors.

Useful links and tools mentioned in the webinar:

*Except for Campaign Monitor, we are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to the tools and sites mentioned in the webinar..

This session was recorded on May 4th, 2022.

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Meet the new eDirectory Marketplace Widget

Meet the new eDirectory Marketplace WidgetWe are thrilled to announce a killer feature that changes the game for the online business directory community: the eDirectory Marketplace Widget. Publishers now have a perfect tool to showcase and sell their products or services directly from your directory with the click of a button, making your online directory a much more attractive option for new and existing sponsors.

This feature has been developed over several months by the eDirectory product team to be useful and easy to manage. You can maximize your online directory by offering more value to sponsors looking to sell online to a wider audience.

The Marketplace Widget is a brand new addition to eDirectory’s most recent release, and we’ll explore how to utilize it in detail in this article. Let’s get started.

Make it possible for your advertisers to sell products and services

Marketplaces have become some of the biggest and most valuable companies in the world. It is expected that B2B eCommerce site sales will reach nearly $1.77 trillion in 2022*¹, an increase of 12% over the past year as online business trends continue to influence everyday B2B operations.

Globally, 40% of all online spending post-pandemic*³ occurs on marketplaces, a number that is predicted to increase in 2022 as the world reopens. With the new eDirectory Marketplace Widget, your advertisers can offer their goods and services directly to their audience through your website.

Easily add a direct payment link (from any payment gateway) to the “Buy Now” button and that’s it! The sponsor can make sales and receive the payment instantly. They can also use the custom buttons to book services (book now, make an appointment, etc), which is something we will explore in more detail in the next topic.

We have a detailed article on how to use the eDirectory marketplace widget to its full potential.

edirectory marketplace widget

Offer services and book appointments from your online directory

If your advertisers aren’t selling physical or digital products, but are instead providing services like classes, consultations, or any activity that requires an appointment, they can use the products and services widget in conjunction with their favorite booking tool (such as Calendly or YouCanBookMe) to drive leads directly to their landing pages.

eDirectory Marketplace Widget

In niches such as Wellness & Health, where sponsors can offer services such as yoga classes, individual boxing lessons, nutritionist consultations per hour, and personal training sessions, this can be a very valuable feature for listing owners. 

For other consultancy or coaching-related niches, the “Book Now” button is also a differential that adds value to your online directory and could attract new clients, as these professionals work mostly on an appointment basis. Consider upgrading your eDirectory to v13.1 to take advantage of these and more features.

For Restaurant and Food Services

The eDirectory Marketplace Widget is also a killer feature for the restaurant and food niches because now your sponsors can create special offers that can be purchased or booked on the spot! 

edirectory marketplace widget - fajitas

For instance, the demand for personal chefs has grown significantly since June 2020, according to Fanny Suen Hiu-yan, founder of MobiChef, a Hong Kong startup that provides private chefs for hire*². Listing owners can then create unique offers combining products and services to uncover new revenue streams, such as adding a “Chef at home” service with a “Book Now” button linking your favorite booking app, letting the customer choose their own time and date.

eDirectory marketplace widget - Chef at home

In addition, a reservation service can be added so clients can book tables directly from a listing, thereby avoiding needless phone calls. Restaurants can also sell pre-cooked meals, wine bottles, condiments, and more.

Mix and match call to actions

It is possible to redirect clients not only to shopping links (like PayPal or Stripe) and booking links (Calendly) but also to custom pages, messaging applications, CRM applications, and so forth.

Take this Golf club example, players can schedule 1 on 1 lessons via text message directly to the club’s reception by clicking the Golf Lessons button. The offer appears on the listing and can be visited by the audience.

eDiectory Marketplace widget - Golf lesson

And If your advertisers want to get serious about tracking their conversions through the Products and Services widget, they can use Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics to track any URL or form submission on your online directory in order to take full control of your KPIs.

What kind of buying links can be used with the eDirectory Marketplace Widget?

This widget allows the use of any type of external link! Whether from PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, or WePay among others. It’s also possible to link offers directly to a store on Shopify, Magento, Open Cart, and drive the lead to a sales funnel, hence using the listing owner inventory and shipping options.

Leads can also be sent to a landing page with a custom form, and thus have more control to drive the prospects to a CRM app such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, GetResponse, and so on.

Start Your Online Directory

Wrapping up

The Products and Services Widget is a great tool that empowers listing owners that don’t have an online store to sell products and services directly to customers. If properly used, this can change the way your advertisers use your online directory.

As a great value offer, you can include this widget only in the top-level listings of your online directory to attract more sponsors.

In  this article we covered:

  • An introduction to the new eDirectory Marketplace Widget (products and services)
  • Selling physical and digital products
  • Offering services and booking appointments
  • Restaurant and Food usage
  • Mix different types of links
  • What types of links can be used

Read the full list of enhancements of eDirectory v13.1 here.

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For new clients looking to launch an online business with all you see here and much more, please request a demo here, call us directly at +1-800-630-4694, or send an email to sales@eDirectory.com.

Join the eDirectory Facebook GroupReferences:

  1. https://internetretailing.net/marketplaces/marketplaces/marketplaces-clear-winner-as-51-of-post-pandemic-retail-set-to-take-place-online-23408
  2. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/leisure/article/3152874/how-personal-chefs-became-covid-19s-must-have-luxury
  3. https://www.insiderintelligence.com/insights/ecommerce-industry-statistics/

Webinar: Meet the new eDirectory V13.1

Welcome to the new eDirectory v13.1In this webinar, see the most important features of the all-new eDirectory V13.1. We’re joined by Fernando Nascimento, eDirectory’s product manager, who offered a comprehensive tour of everything you can achieve with the new version.

Further, we discussed in depth the new Marketplace widget – for Products and Services – which is a killer feature that enables advertisers to sell both products and services and to make appointments, through external links to their service of choice. Moreover, the online directory owner has the option to monetize this feature on the top listings level.

The Marketplace feature (as we call it) is something that can change the usability and the value proposition of your online directory, so it is highly recommended that you watch this webinar and take some time to read through our new blog articles on the new eDirectory V13.1 release and also the new eDirectory App.

So take your seat and enjoy this session with us!

Welcome to the new eDirectory V13.1

Useful links and tools mentioned in the webinar:

*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to the tools and sites mentioned in the webinar.

This session was recorded on April 13th, 2022.

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It’s out: New eDirectory v13.1

Meet the New eDirectory v13.1

New eDirectory v13.1We are proud to announce a major release: eDirectory v13.1. It is filled with new features and new technology. It reflects the constant evolution of the most complete directory software.

According to Arca Solutions’ CEO, James Chubb, this new eDirectory version comes from a new set of internal processes for faster release cycles. It means more product features are being added with even more quality.

This release gives more flexibility and functionality, making it easier to launch and monetize directory-based websites.

The new eDirectory Mobile App

The star of the new release is the new generation of the eDirectory Apps. Formerly built using two different platforms (one for Android and one for iOS), the new eDirectory app is created with Flutter, an open-source framework developed by Google in 2015. It delivers native performance and visual consistency on different platforms.

Fernando Nascimento, product manager of eDirectory, says that web and app formats are now closer and the plan is to get them even closer in terms of design, features, and functionalities.

Read more about the New eDirectory App here.

There’s no doubt the new eDirectory App brings more flexibility but it also brings more opportunities for customization, to meet specific needs. ”The new version is built on the open-source Flutter platform, where the single code base can generate native iPhone and Android apps. Going forward this will dramatically increase the velocity of the app development, as well as make app customization much more affordable”, says James.

What’s new on eDirectory v13.1

Besides the new eDirectory App, the web version brings improvements and new features across all modules. As we have a blog post dedicated to the new eDirectory App, let’s see here the highlights for the web version!

New Widgets for the Listing Detail Page

Marketplace Widget

This feature allows listing publishers to create lists of products and services that
will be shown as a catalog on the listing detail page, and an external purchase link can be added so the end-user can purchase the offered item. Learn how to add this feature to your eDirectory site.

Header Widgets

A total of 5 new header widgets for design enhancements and to create fine-tuned templates for each category.

  • Thin Header
  • Centralized Header (3 different versions)
  • Header with Gallery (up to 8 images)

Contact Us Widget

The contact information is displayed on the default header widget but now it can be displayed anywhere on the listing detail page. It includes address, phone, an additional phone, website, and email.

Badges Widget

Similar to the Contact Information, Badges were displayed only on the default header but now can be added anywhere on the listing detail page.

Browse by Category Widget

Site managers can now select from which module the categories will be selected on any
of the “Browse by category” widgets. It creates more options to highlight the best content of your project, improving user engagement.

Twitter Feed Widget

With the sunset of the Advanced Social Media Plugin, the Twitter feed is now available for all new installations. Available for Listings and Events modules. LinkedIn clickable URL can now be added to the listing page.

Deals Module

Advertisers are now able to upload their own QR code, which will be displayed on the redeemed coupon, making it easier the deal validation. Fixed prices are now optional, allowing advertisers to create generic coupons such as “All products with 50% off”. Advertisers will be able to define if redeem codes will be generated randomly for each deal redeem or define a unique, customized coupon code that will be presented for all visitors who redeem that deal. Lastly, the Site Manager will be able to disable the display of the time left to redeem and the deals left counter. See how to use QR Code on deals.

General Settings – Maps and Banner Ads by level

Site managers can now choose which levels will display Google maps and Banner Ads on the detail page. Available for listings, events, and classifieds It allows to create or highlight the benefits of the premium plans.

Theme Layout Updates

New layout for themes Doctors, Wedding, and Restaurant. Improved default color palette for contrast and usability.

Claimable Listings export

New option to export claimable listings on the Mailing list section. Claimable listing is a powerful built-in feature so you can reach out to your potential advertisers, starting a conversation to engage and sell. This new export feature creates a faster way to pull this data and feed your preferred email marketing platform.

Read the full list of enhancements of eDirectory v13.1 here.

Upgrade to the latest version of eDirectory today!

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The new generation of the eDirectory App

The new eDirectory App is here!

The new generation of the eDirectory App

In a mobile-first world, eDirectory has always been ahead of its time: from the early adoption of website design responsivity to the creation of its exclusive Integrated App Builder. That’s part of what makes us lead the online directory software industry.

The eDirectory App

Having mobile apps published on the app stores brings extra authority to any project as it shows the commitment to the online community it serves.

Since 2010 the Integrated App Builder creates both Android and iPhone apps. Twelve years later, eDirectory confirms its protagonism and leadership in the online directory software industry.

The eDirectory Integrated App Builder brings a huge advantage for Online Directory owners as they can manage everything within the same interface. In a few clicks, they can configure the look and feel of the app, manage the main menu, and create custom pages.

Through our powerful API, every content added to the website – listings, classifieds, events, etc – become available on the app. Its dynamic nature allows for quick design changes to reflect automatically on the apps without having to republish them.

Using the integration with Google Firebase, app owners can send real Push Notifications, increasing user engagement and retention. Only native apps have this capability.

Formerly written with Java (Android) and Objective C (iPhone), we totally revamped its base technology and design for an increased amazing experience for visitors and advertisers.


With the release of the new version 13.1, our exclusive Integrated App Builder now writes the apps using Flutter technology. This open-source platform was created by Google back in 2015 and it allows more agility in app development.

Flutter combines the quality of native apps with the flexibility of cross-platform development. It’s been used by companies like BMW, Alibaba, eBay, GroupOn, NuBank, Google itself, and many others.

Among the several benefits of Flutter, we can name its versatility, high performance, customization, and reliability of the code delivered. It means that its adoption on our Integrated App Builder allows the eDirectory Apps to become even more powerful, with even more features, and easier to be customized to meet specific needs – and for affordable pricing.

The Process

While we’re passionate about what we do, the new eDirectory app isn’t made “to suit our passions”. The (re)creation of the eDirectory app is the result of more than a year of research, hypothesis validation, data verification, prototyping, and a lot of effort by the entire team. It is the result of a process that involved customers and professionals from all areas of the company.

Led by the Design Team, the process started with several interviews with heavy-use customers around the world to map a wide range of different perceptions, needs, and desires about the eDirectory App.

After completing this step, professionals from all areas of the company (admin, sales, marketing, infrastructure, support, design, and product team) put all hands on this deck to analyze the raw data and build together the roadmap of this new journey.

Priorities set and technical needs over the table, it was time to tackle the challenges and beat them all, one by one, completing all of the planned stages. Nothing was left behind.

Finally, after months of teamwork that involved building, testing, validating, and rounds and rounds of quality control, the new eDirectory App is here, ready for the world again.

The new eDirectory App

The new eDirectory App, despite bringing many new features, still maintains the same nature as the previous generation: it is an application focused on the end-user.

Using Flutter allowed the app’s design to be refreshed and more closely aligned with the web/responsive version, while also including many of the web version’s features and functionalities.

See the highlights of the new eDirectory App:

Listing Template Design: through the Listing Template Editor you can create custom fields and unique designs for the Listing Detail Page – fitting general listings and/or one template for each category. With the new version of the app, all custom fields are displayed on the app, following the design of the associated Listing Template.

Exclusive Content: one of the great advantages of the app was the perception of users and advertisers about the authority of the project. With the new version of the apps, this authoritative item gains an important ally: the offer of exclusive content through the apps.

Stories: similar to the Instagram feature, site managers now can promote listings, deals, latest news, and more, with an eye-catching featured section on the app. Different from Instagram, these stories won’t vanish with time and are stored in the app, this way your users are able to review them at any time. Learn how to create Stories to promote your content.

Deals: advertisers (and site owners) can create deals exclusive to the app. It helps to promote even more your mobile apps, increasing user engagement. Learn how to create app-exclusive deals in your eDirectory app.

Banners: banner ads are now displayed within the apps and can be created exclusively for the apps. The home screen has one slot for the native banner ads. The results screen also displays banner ads in the middle of the results. Learn how to create banners for the apps.

Customizable Home Screen: now you can choose, rename and reorder the elements on the Home Screen. This allows a fine-tuning of the content according to your project and commercial strategy.

Sliders: apps always had their own exclusive Sliders but it was mandatory to link them to existing content such as Listing, for example. Now the Sliders can be just images with no link or even linked to external content.

Inbox: with the new version the users will have access to an Inbox feature that stores all the Push Notifications sent to the app. It may increase the interaction rate as they will have the chance to check the notifications at their own pace. Learn more about the Inbox feature.

Apple ID: we added the Apple ID option for account creation and log-in.

What’s next for the eDirectory App?

As we mentioned before, our process of re-creating the eDirectory App took into consideration the most different needs and requests from our customers. The first version of the new generation delivers new features but inside its already known focus: the end-user.

The next steps are to increase the capacity of the app, including features specific to the advertisers, where they will be able to manage and edit existing content right through the app. The screens are already designed and we are currently working on technical aspects of the development.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who took part and helped with the new eDirectory App. This marks a new stage in our history of leadership in the online directory software industry.

Thank you!

Questions, suggestions, or comments about the new eDirectory App? Please shoot us a note here or send an email to marketing@eDirectory.com.

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5 niches for online business directories to explore in 2022


5 niches for online business directories to explorer in 2022

Online directories are guides that list companies, products, and/or services from multiple commercial niches. Directory websites have evolved from newspaper classifieds and the old Yellow Pages, which featured companies and professionals from a wide range of areas.

Since the internet boom in the late 90s and early 2000s, online directories have proven to be a lucrative business opportunity and continue to be so, even today. Here we present the 5 niches of classified portals that will be hot in 2022.

Define your niche well to succeed

To get started, we’ll help you take the first step by finding the right niche. You need to follow three rules:

a. Be Specific

As opposed to what many might expect, to be successful at creating an online business directory, you need a specific focus. In fact, a very diverse directory would compete with numerous other sites (such as marketplaces and other directories), in addition to not passing the credibility of an expert in a certain field.

Select a niche you are familiar with and that has a consumer base that is willing to pay to be listed on your online directory. Gather services and products in this niche and choose a name and domain that reflect what your site offers.

b. Stay hyper-focused to beat the competition

One effective technique to beat the competition is to stay hyper-focused.  Instead of an overly broad directory in terms of categories or geographic areas covered, narrow it down to a niche you can win.  You can always expand the focus later.

In highly competitive niches, you may need to invest in paid media (such as Google ads or Facebook ads) in order to compete.

c. Better chances of success

Niche markets with less competition are already more likely to be successful. Despite this, to ensure your project’s success, it must, above all, be relevant.

One strategy that has gained traction over the past couple of years is the concept of unbundling. The aim is to break up larger and multi-layered businesses such as newspaper classifieds, yellow pages, or even Craigslist into smaller niches, and specialize in them while offering excellent services and advantages over their original sources.

Below, you’ll find the top 5 online directory niches we believe will have the greatest probability of success in the year 2022.

Main niches for online directories in 2022

1. Wellness and beauty

Do you have any idea of how big is the beauty industry? Globally, it is expected to grow to $716B by 2025, from $483B in 2020 to $511B in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.75 percent worldwide. Led by personal care products, skincare, and cosmetics, this can give you an idea of how strong this niche is.

Online Directory Niche: Beautysource: Commonthreadco

In the fitness department, 2022 is expected to surpass pre pandemic times in terms of revenue and sales for fitness equipment. Market size is estimated to be worth US$ 8.9million in 2022 while the entire market is worth nearly 160 billion in 2021, the fitness industry is expected to grow 171.75% to 434.74 billion USD by 2028.

Fitness market growth Source: IHRSA Global Report fitness

Which gives us plenty of reasons to recommend this niche as a viable option for you to explore in 2022. Aim for your local market and make your online directory a source of qualified listings.

2. Investments and finance

(I think this section isn’t clear about what the guide is supposed to focus on, which I think is probably investment products (stocks, bonds, investment funds, stratagies around them, and also insurance products and retirement planning, maybe with a bonus add in digital currencies)

As fintechs (financial startups such as Acorns, Stash, and others) and financial influencers on social media have popularized investments for the general public, it has become easier than ever to make investments from your smartphone.

According to Gallup research, 56% of US adults own stocks and keep other investments, showing the steady interest in investing in the US.

Even though investing is highly sought after, many people still have doubts about how to begin. Therefore, an online directory covering this niche will be relevant in 2022. Include listings for investment brokerages, events related to financial education, accounting firms, and tax consulting services for companies.

Investment online directory niche

3. Origins and beliefs (foods, religions, Culture)

(let’s find some other way to say race, too hot to touch, maybe culture?)

Starting an online directory based on the diversity of your region could be an effective way to achieve commercial success. You can offer listings and events that reflect the values and culture of your selected nationality, such as food and drink, language tutoring, cultural events, arts and crafts, products, and services.

Another segmentation method is the division of religions and their subdivisions, which create several niches that can be targeted to aggregate religious services and products regardless of beliefs. Understand your niche and provide services (classifieds, events, text articles) that speak to this audience.

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4. Weddings

In the United States alone, around 2,5 million weddings are expected to happen in 2022. A considerable growth from the 1,9 million celebrated in 2021.

Weddings are, without a doubt, back to pre-pandemic levels.

Upon the return of major in-person events at the end of 2021, weddings are back in full force. Market revenue for the Wedding Services industry is expected to reach $57.9 billion in 2022.

You could advertise services such as ceremonials, catering, clothing rentals, photographers, and decor, as well as promote events in the area and write articles in the niche.

Wedding online directory niche

5. Events

Parties, graduations, birthdays, concerts… Events are back in full action in 2022. Among dozens of other possibilities, events are a great source of material for an online directory.

Just to paint the scenario, the 2021 edition of Lollapalooza in Chicago racked in over $300 million dollars in revenue. A bump up over the $248 million over the 2019 edition.

Look for relevant events in your niche and don’t disregard online events, which will still be high in demand. You can easily offer tickets, discounts, and easy access to events through your business directory.

Partner with public agencies to promote events including city halls, the secretary of culture, NGOs, and others.

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Wrapping up

We outlined the main points to consider when selecting a niche to start an online directory. Even though it is important to consider the points mentioned, you should choose something you are familiar with. If you’re in the medical field, go for a specialty within the health area. Working in the law field, aim for legal services and consultancy in your city.

Remember the three rules:

  • Be specific;
  • Choose less competition;
  • Better chances of success.

We also brought the top 5 niches for online business directories to invest in 2022, which are:

  • Fitness and beauty;
  • Investiments and finance;
  • Origins and beliefs;
  • Weedings;
  • Events.

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