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Why Online Directories?

SEO Benefits

Online Directories in themselves are well optimized sites that can rake in search traffic. Specifically, online directories perform very well with longtail search terms, or keywords and phrases that are a bit more descriptive and detailed. For example

  • Manhattan French Quarter Restaurant
  • Huntsville Alabama Repair Shop
  • Elm Street Italian Restaurant
Because the listings of a directory are usually comprised of these, or very similar search terms, online directories usually perform very well with visitors who are making these searches. In addition to performing well with long tail search terms, eDirectory’s software has SEO features that can help better optimize the HTML markup of your website. Page titles, keyword descriptions, categories and sub categories all contribute to the optimization of your online directory., in addition to eDirectory’s SEO Center, which helps the site owner optimize the home page, categories, location, listings, deals, events and more.

seo benefits

Shift in Media

While print, radio, television and traditional advertising mediums seem to be falling off the map, advertisers are still slow to migrate their ad spends to online, mobile and video. It wasn’t until Q4 of 2010 that online advertising revenue exceeded print. While some of the advertising dollars will always have a place in print, there is a large chunk of ad revenue that is still in the process of migrating away from traditional mediums and into online , mobile and video. The growing popularity in local search coupled with an out pour in niche publications and sites leaves a gaping opportunity for publishers and site owners alike to capture this shifting ad revenue. Web 2.0 guru Gary Vaynerchuk predicts the ad dollars will leak down to “hyper, local, super nichey-niche-niche opportunities”.

newspaper vs online ad revenue

Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue, or revenue that is likely to return or on a monthly or yearly basis is the best way to provide a secure financial blanket to your business. Being able to start each month, or year with a foundation of recurring revenue provides not only stability to your business, but the opportunity at unparalleled growth for your organization. By having multiple advertising channels such as banners, sponsored listings, events, classifieds and deals across your site, eDirectory’s software empowers its’ users to have multiple streams of recurring revenue across their site.

recurring revenue

Buzz in Local Search

Local Search has become something of a phenomenon, especially within web 2.0 and social media. With Google Places, Facebook Places, Bing Local and Yahoo Local, search engines and social networking sites alike are putting a large stake in local, hyper targeted content. Many eDirectory site owners use the software to build out local search sites for their respective city, towns or counties. Here are some additional statistics to show the growing popularity of local search sites:

  • 53% of mobile searches on Bing have a local intent.
  • Google confirms that 20% of all online searches have a local intent
Additionally, recent mergers, acquisitions and attempted buy outs have shown how some of the biggest companies in the world see the vital importance of local, hyper targeted content:
  • Google Offers Yelp $550 million in attempted buyout ( December 2009)
  • AOL Buys Patch (June 2009)
  • Google purchases Zagat for $151 million (September 2011)

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