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Socially Integrated

Make sure your users can not only find what they want, but are able to also share such content onto their wider social networks. Everything is share-enabled by default, which creates valuable traffic from social media sites.

Get Picked Up on the Social Radar

eDirectory integrates seamlessly with all the major social platforms. Be assured that with us, you're already ready to compete with others on social media from the start.

eDirectory Social Features


Connect your Facebook account with a few clicks in the site manager, and you're all set to go. Users can seamlessly share or like your content across the major networks.

Twitter Stream

Display your Twitter feed directly on your site. It's as simple as adding your Twitter username to our systems.

Sponsor Sharing

The Sponsor section features social sharing links to entice listing owners to share their listings to drive traffic and reviews.

Visitor Profile Social Link

To help drive engagement around your directory site, the Visitor Profiles feature an optional link to their social media accounts.

Social Login

eDirectory features the ability to log in with Facebook, Gmail, and Apple accounts, making it easy for sponsors and visitors to create their profiles.

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