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Lead Generation

Every module of eDirectory comes with its own lead generation form so your advertisers can get more qualified leads with ease.

Powerful Lead-gen Feature

Leads equate to more sales, and the more leads your advertisers get, the better the chances of closing more deals. The Lead-gen Feature is available for Listings, Classifieds, Deals, and Events.

eDirectory Revenue

Easy Response

Fast responses are critical for closing deals, and eDirectory makes it easy. Advertisers can respond directly to the leads through the back-end, or they can even respond through email.

Statistics and Tracking

Advertisers' lead counts are recorded, making it easy to show them ROI, and leads will always be stored in the database, ensuring reliability and making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Additional Revenue Stream

Using the Enhanced Lead Distribution Plugin you can create an additional revenue stream by limiting the number of free leads they receive so you can sell them more leads when they become available.

eDirectory Revenue
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