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Classifieds, Sell Everything

Let your site customers sell anything they wish with an expertly categorized, well-organized, and beautifully presented Classifieds section. They'll be selling anything and everything in no time at all.

Classifieds Done Right

Advertise jobs, show items for sale, customize the Classifieds Module to do whatever you wish. Whether it's advertisements or sales, it's a one-stop shop for getting your Classifieds on your directory.

eDirectory - Classifieds Module


Classifieds show all the information you need to make a great directory, including descriptions, photos, pricing and contact information.

Auto-expiration / Auto Renewal

At the end of the term specified, the listing owner will get an automated email to renew.

Beautifully Designed

A great looking design is key to having a successful site.

eDirectory - Classifieds Module

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