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Multi Site Management

Let's be fair. Managing one site is a headache, and by adding a few more to mix, what do you have? Have no fear because eDirectory has the multi-site manager, which, in a nutshell, means you can manage more than one eDirectory installation from a single unified interface - now that's handy.

Multi-Site Management

eDirectory features the ever popular multi-site administration. You can manage multiple sites from within one single site panel - what could be easier than that?

eDirectory Multicore


Run multiple sites off of one backend, with one administrative interface, and thus, saving time and giving you a clear view of your business.

Central Customer Database

Keep your customer database centralized. With one login a customer can buy listings on multiple sites.

Add sites as you grow

Want to attack a new market? It's easy to add a site on an existing eDirectory; and you can use the package builder to cross promote, which enables you to get it off the ground quickly.

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