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eDirectory empowers you to grow your business with ease!

eDirectory is the leading search technology software with more features than any other platform in the space. eDirectory can easily be integrated into your current design or system, and provides all the tools you need to take your directory business to the next level, all while maximizing ad revenue throughout the site.

Additionally, eDirectory has a team of developers to help customize your site, regardless of budget or scale.

Directory Features eDirectory Competition
MultiCore Site Panel
Manage multiple directories under one account and one CMS. Upsell your advertisers to purchase listings in all of your sites.
Send beautiful newsletters to users and advertisers. Get reports right away, customize and keep your campaigns lists clean.
Android App*
Develop your own Android directory app. App owners can offer deals(coupons), as well access to listings, and more.* Requires version 9.7 or Higher & additional costs
iPhone App*
Order the iPhone app and make an app from your Directory. Work with our development team to customize your eDirectory iPhone App and let us help you get approved from the app store.*Requires 9.7 Version or Higher & additional costs
Package Builder
Create multiple advertising packages across multiple types of sponsorships over a variety of domains.
Level Editor
Site manager can define how each (image gallery, detail page, videos and etc) item behaves in all modules.
Mobile Application Editor
Manage your app splash screens, notifications and banner ads from site manager.
Pre-load the location of your visitors in there “where” search box of your directory
Click to call
Allows a visitor to click on a listing and upon entering in their phone number, they will make a call to the business they clicked on. This feature requires an affordable Twilio Account and only works in the US and Canada unless the account is activated.
• (New)
Send SMS to Phone
Allows your site visitors to click a button to send a SMS to a mobile phone and include the listing link, phone and address information. This feature requires an affordable Twilio Account and only works in the US and Canada unless the account is activated.
• (New)
Deals Engine
Let your Listings Owners create a deal of the day that can be claimed and posted through Facebook.
WordPress Integration
Tie your WordPress account directly into your eDirectory platform. Make posts through wordpress and they seamlessly integrated into your eDirectory site on a page of your choice.
• (New)
Sugar CRM Integration
Seamlessly integrate your Sugar CRM account into your eDirectory account. If your sales team uses Sugar CRM to manage your sales activities, eDirectory orders will populate into your Sugar Account and also check for duplicate records. This Feature requires a free or commercial installation of Sugar CRM.
• (New)
Facebook Integrated
Allow Users to share content thought Facebook, “Like” listings, and redeem and post Deals(coupons) on their wall.
Google +
Integrate your site with Google + and have your visitors share listings with others
Multi-form login
Let your users log in through a variety of different social network and various ID Sites including Facebook, Google and Open ID.
Aesthetic Themes
Select one of our themes to fit your directory.
Email Monthly Statistics to Listing Owners
Automatically email monthly stats to your listing owners to show them how many times their ad was clicked and how many impressions it got in addition to other marketing analytics.
Marketing and Behavior Statistics
Understand both marketing data as well as your users’ behaviors by accessing our analytics. Use this data to determine how to best manage your site.
Integrated mapping
Business listings are tied to Google maps so that users can easily find where your advertisers are located.
Advanced Search features
Search by any field Standard implementation includes searches by name, category, location, and up to 20 keywords.
Integrated Content Management System
Change the non-directory pages of your site with our integrated content management system. Upload photos and change text.
Manage Directory Categories
through the Site Manager Interface Add and edit directory categories any time through a web based interface.
Listing owners can upload photos and graphics
Display a graphic with each listing. Load a picture into the directory that will be displayed together with the listing information.
Online Sign-up
Allows advertisers to add their listings online and have them appear in real-time.
Interactive features
Standard implementation includes links to advertisers’ web sites, email addresses, and dynamic map to advertiser location.
Export data Download
your directory data any time through a secure web interface. Exports can be loaded into Microsoft Excel, Access or any text editor.
Import Data
Upload a CSV or other file format into the easy to use import tool. You can also upload listings already in your database to update them without creating duplicates.
Advertiser administration
Enables advertisers of the directory to update and manage their own listings by logging in to the administration section through a web based interface.
Payment processing
Collect Advertisers dues or advertising fees by credit card, printable invoice, or Paypal payment processing! Allows the directory owner to charge for new listings in the directory. Allows pricing by category and by listing level to generate the most revenue possible. (Credit Card processing requires a merchant account and payment gateway)
Multiple listing levels
Include different features with each listing level. For example, the picture, or live web links can be limited to a premium listing level.
Available in multiple languages
Brand New Language Center. Your site in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Turkish. Or add your own language.
• (New)
Mobile Users Capability
Our mobile feature empowers surfers to connect to your eDirectory site from their mobile device.
Open Text Search
You will have the most sophisticated tool for your customers to use for search As opposed to drop-down menus, your readers can type in what they choose instead of leaving it a set of fixed choices.
RSS Feeds
Allow your readers to have timely updates from your site so that they can know all of the changes that are going on.
Search Engine Optimized
SEO Friendly URLs, both for listings and for search queries, in addition to meta tag and keyword management, adding keywords to a description field for each cateory, as well as other factors that help boost your site’s search engine ranking.
Back Link Builder
Incentivize your listing owners to link back to your directory by offering them increased visibilty. If a listing owner links to their listing, our software will verify the link and increase the visibility of their listing. This automated feature helps increase your site’s SEO without emailing and calling businesses for back link requests.
Professional Grade Hosting
Our servers are hosted in professional grade data centers with uninterruptible power, physical security, and network monitoring. All servers have multiple processors, RAID drives, and high-bandwidth direct connections to the internet.
Customizable Listing Templates
Create specialized listings for Hotels, Dining Guides, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Nightlife and more.
Automated Renewal Reminders
Listing Owners will receive up to 3 email notifications to renew and update their listing prior to expiration.
Detail Pages Each
listing will be able to include a full page with further details.
Real Time Usage
tracking Enables the administrator or advertiser to track the number of times a particular listing is viewed, or the number of click-throughs on a web link.
Generate email lists
Generate email lists of advertisers in certain locations or categories which can be used to send newsletters
Discount Code Management
Enables the directory administrator to create and edit discount codes over the web in real time, allowing easy management of special promotions.
Search stats
This will allow you not only to see if a listing has been viewed but how often it appeared in search results. It also gives useful information on what search criteria is being used the most.
Save Searches
Users will be able to save search criteria and search results.

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